EJC Canteen Food Stalls Review 😊


Lasting since Eunoia Junior College’s (EJC) grand opening this year, 3 dominant food stalls (Japanese food, Chicken Rice and Mixed rice stalls) have emerged to be the crowd favourites amongst the EJC population. Let’s now uncover the wonderful food options provided by these food stalls that have successfully appealed to the masses!

As one of the main stalls that have succeeded in attracting a crowd of regulars, EJC’s mixed rice stall sells classic Chinese-style dishes that resemble home-style cooking. Hence, this not only suits the taste buds of most students, but also establishes a sense of comfort that resonates with the student body. By having a combination of tze char and mixed rice style dishes available, this stall provides several options which meet the varying demands of students. Despite the rather small portion size of this stall and slightly oily foods, the great taste of some of its dishes still manages to secure some frequent customers. One of its main highlights is its signature fried rice which is not only  highly fragrant but also has a great savoury taste that ensnares your taste buds and provides a great sense of satisfaction. Priced affordably at only $2 for a plate of fried rice topped with tasty omelette, this is surely a worthwhile purchase!!

Next up is EJC’s chicken rice stall which provides unique food options that capture the hearts of a large student population. Despite using chicken as their only main ingredient, this stall has cleverly differentiated their food dishes to provide more interesting food options that appeal to a larger school population. An array of chicken options, such as spicy chicken drumlets, sweet and sour chicken and green chicken curry, are rotated on a daily basis to ensure that the menu is less dull, thus making students more willing to frequent the stall. One of its specialities is its Cajun chicken, which is carefully marinated to perfection and grilled to its optimally juicy, tender state.  Its divine taste just brings unmatched gratification to customers, making them return for more. In addition to this, their awesome dry curry chicken and spicy tomato meatballs are sure to sweep you over with a wave of flavours that’s simply irresistible!! This stall also provides a generously large fruit slice that accompanies every meal, which would certainly appeal to the health conscious students out there! In overall, this stall is quite reasonably priced for its tasty and interesting food options that create a vibrant meal experience!!

Attracting majority of the school population is EJC’s Japanese food stall! Characterised by their delightful range of bento sets and sushi set at highly affordable prices in comparison to those sold outside school, the Japanese stall is sure to provide a scrumptious and fulfilling meal that satisfies your taste buds. One of their main highlights is their Ebi and karaage chicken curry rice set. The dominative taste of the savoury Japanese curry instantly captures your taste buds and sets your soul alight! Coupled with the mouth-watering combination of ebi and karaage chicken dipped in curry sauce, this curry rice set is sure to satisfy your cravings and provide a nice energy boost to keep you charged up for school! The tasty and aromatic Chawanmushi available here provides a refreshing aftertaste that calms your spirits, placing you in a dreamy state of tranquillity and harmony. Looking for a light meal to spark off a great day? The huge range of delectable sushi and sides would likely appeal to you! The large variety of food choices available at this stall provides more options for students, making meals less boring. Furthermore, if you have not realised, you can mix and match food items to create your own bento sets here! For example, you can request for a teriyaki chicken curry bento, which differs from the norm! Try different combinations to see what suits you best! In overall, the Japanese food stall provides wonderful food options that largely satisfies the taste and preferences of the student population. Hence, allowing the stall to build up a strong consumer base over time.

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