SJWs of the Internet Age

The acronym SJW would probably elicit a reaction of poorly masked confusion followed by a pretentious response of ‘Hmm, I’ve heard it before.’ and then procedure to go on Urban Dictionary to find the meaning of this elusive slang. Or perhaps you are true to yourself and admit that you have never heard of such a thing and then ask what it’s supposed to mean!

Some may contend that the definition of the label is a matter of age and perspective, but to avid users of Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit, SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) is a derogatory term for bigoted and ostentatious activists on social media. As the name suggests, such internet users argue in the name of upholding social justice in a ‘politically correct’ manner.

SJWs are generally young, ignorant internet users who are freshly exposed to the vast ocean of opinions revolving around complex world issues, and in a haze of severe confusion and self-righteousness, proceed to assert their opinions based on what they deem as the ‘general’ consensus. Of course, such ideas tend to end up convoluted and ridiculous, as they fail to fully grasp and process the concept. However, SJWs continue to push their beliefs on everyone else, and proceed to put down all who disagree. Such a phenomenon is only present in the 21st century, corresponding to the rise of the internet as a platform where the ‘minority’ is entitled to express their ‘unpopular’ opinions and find large numbers of people who think the same way (woefully). *DISCLAIMER* Now now, I am not dissing the internet (the double edged sword and all that mumbo jumbo), but this is an article that will be focusing on the idiocy that reveals itself as shamelessly and inevitably as a pimple on a pubescent teenager as a result of the pore (of logic, I believe) clogging effect the internet has on such users.


The most rampant kind are those that hide behind the safety blanket of feminism. Another disclaimer (because as aforementioned, people get offended by most things), feminism itself as an ideology is not dangerous, it is actually meant to be empowering, but you know humans, creating drama and chaos whenever and wherever… Oftentimes, such SJWs literally act like warriors defending the attacks on their oh-so-noble cause by avidly monitoring internet platforms with a hawk eye for anyone who even dares let out a peep of anything vaguely anti-feminist. The worst thing is, the people they select to attack are hardly condemning women’s rights!

For example, Fred would comment sincerely on a girl’s Instagram post that he thought she looked nicer in a skirt than in pants, and Julie, a wild SJW feminist patrolling the social media, hones in on that comment (how she found it remains a mystery) and proceeds to gather her whole colony of fellow SJW feminists to attack poor, innocent, harmless Fred with a barrage of sexist (ooh, ironic) comments, and a history lesson on how females in the 1900s had to fight for their rights to wear trousers as it was regarded by the patriarchal society as inappropriate and promiscuous. Kudos to feminism, but such open and pointless hostility implies that they are perhaps missing the point completely. Feminism is meant to be the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes, with first, second and third waves- it is rather complex, not to mention rapidly evolving as the divide between first world and third world widens. The boundaries of feminism have been pushed to heavy subjectivity, hence some may not ascribe to the same ideals of feminism others do, and that is perfectly fine. However, SJWs do not understand the concept of agreeing to disagree, rather they try to shove their personal beliefs up your nasal cavity and down your throat, if you, a. Do not subscribe to the idea of feminism in the first place for whatever reason; b. Disapprove of that particular person’s interpretation of the ideology.

There are countless other examples of social justice warrior bigotry; those who call culture appropriation without awareness of the line between appreciation and appropriation, those who deem everything racist when the actual problem has nothing to do with race (rather it is set in a context of race), the list goes on.

The hypocrisy in SJWs lies in the core issue that they advocate against, because in believing that minorities are perpetually oppressed and marginalised – by not even acknowledging the progress their movement has made – they are spreading the plague of hatred amongst more open minded and logical beings, not to mention that such a belief is incredibly degrading and utterly useless in promoting their originally empowering ideologies! They attach hateful labels to those do not think in the same way as they do and their actions communicate the exact opposite of what they claim to stand for. Do these people really care about putting an end to discrimination? I think not!

“Liberals promote their peace, love and equality with violence, vandalism, intolerance and rage. And you wonder why it is so hard to take them seriously?”~ a succinct internet user

A third disclaimer, this article is merely a product of the experiences and opinions of yours truly. It does not imply that whatever written is fact and respectful disagreements are always welcome. It also does not imply that attacking people and dismissing them as SJWs automatically puts you on a pedestal above them. That is simply hypocritical and we are not about hypocrisy here. Now, this article is not meant to put down whatever you believe in, rather, it is an opportunity for introspection. Are you being overzealous and hence irrational in your noble mission to promote what you believe is right? Are you hurling accusations at your peers and being hypersensitive to what people do and say? Are you promoting hostility while claiming to do otherwise? If you are, please reflect on what you are espousing, why you are doing so, and if your actions are analogous and beneficial to your cause. If not, carry on with your lives and spread the vibes you want to spread! Goodbye! 😉  

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