CCA in the spotlight – Debate

Photo credits: Mr Marc Kenji Lim

Hi all!

Don’t fret if your still at a loss of what CCA to choose for your JC life! Next up, presenting to you…

CCA: Debate

Interviewee: Wei Ying

Interviewer: Claire Hsieh and Soh Wen Sheun

What is an average CCA session like?

We debate then move into motions. It’s pretty stressful before debating, but I feel very enriched afterwards.

.What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

I enjoy the most precious 15-30 minutes prep time with teammates before each impromptu motion. The process requires a lot of concentration and teamwork, and I get to listen to different ideas, before pulling them together into one single caseline. Debate is really a mental team sport lol!

As seniors, you will be holding auditions for your juniors, so what is your CCA looking out for in prospective members?

Intellectually driven (After all debates require a lot of mental skills and content knowledge)

Committed to the club (people who have an attitude to learn and serve)

What do you think is a highlight for your CCA last year?

There’s two actually:

Bubble tea training session. It was quite a normal training actually, but the difference was that the Excos bought bubble tea for each member and it really cheered everyone up after a long day of EOY-prep (in fact it was the last CCA we had before EOY, the sight of everyone chilling and drinking tea is especially heartwarming.

Debate camp + debate meet. The CCA got a lot more bonded in the camp, and when the JC1 juniors came in the second day (Debate meet), everyone put on their most responsible side and presented themselves as good role models.

Stay tuned for the next CCA’s interview!

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