CCA in the spotlight – Volleyball

Photo credit: Nicole Therese Lim

Hi all!

Featuring our first sports CCA!

CCA: Volleyball

Interviewee: Yong Duan Kang

Interviewers: Claire Hsieh and Soh Wen Sheun

What do you do during CCA?

In an average CCA session, we do warm ups, followed by skills training and some games stimulation. We are also currently preparing for A Division coming up in a few months.

What do you enjoy most in your CCA?

The girls (joking) and the people in my CCA as they are great teammates.

What are some troubles you encountered in your CCA and how did you overcome them?

Some people don’t come for training such as turning up only once every 6 sessions. Besides informing the teacher about this issue, there is nothing we can do about it.

As seniors, you will be holding auditions for your juniors, so what is your CCA looking for in prospective members?

You have to have the skills. However, you can also get in if you have the passion and commitment by turning up for every training session despite not acquiring the relevant skill set yet! I remember the level of competition for auditions last year was pretty high: 50 people went to audition but only 12 managed to get in. Also, the coach is pretty chill.

What do you think is a highlight for your CCA last year?

I think the CCA camp last year was pretty fun as we went to Sentosa Beach at night to play volleyball- it was great time.

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