CCA in the spotlight – Hockey

After receiving positive feedback from the latest segment “CCA in the Spotlight”, the Origin* has come to a consensus to continue the segment, featuring a wider variety of CCAs from the various CCA groups.

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CCA: Hockey

Interviewees: Li Yi, Audrey, Cindy, HaaJar

Interviewer: Niik Seah

What was your first impression of the CCA?

Our first impression of the CCA was that it seemed tough and tiring because hockey requires us to run in the big pitch. However, after joining, we met really nice people and got encouraged to endure the training sessions together. Compared to the other CCA trials we went to, hockey members were the friendliest and most patient with us when we were trying out basic moves.

What made you decide to join your current CCA?

I wanted to try out a new sport and hockey seemed interesting. Hockey wasn’t available in secondary school and it seemed quite fun so I wanted to give it a try.

What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

I really like the people in the CCA because everyone is nice and friendly. Most of us are also new to the sport so it is really heartwarming learning together and helping each other out. Moreover, the stick works are very satisfying because of the sound we hear when we hit the ball.

What is one essential quality a person must possess to join this CCA?

People who are interested in learning hockey and are willing to put in their best effort to persevere and improve. People must also be able to work well in a team.

So are YOU fit to join Hockey? Can you imagine yourself running about a huge pitch? Don’t hesitate to approach the Hockey members to find out more!

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