Editor’s letter – April

“A” for APRIL, “A” for the ARTS

“B is for Ball”, “C” is for Cat, “D” is for Do you know what the Origin* is doing this month?Are we doing a spin-off on the Alphabet song? In this month of April, the Origin* is thrilled to present “the Arts” as the theme of the month!

Why the Arts? You might ask. Apart from the unmistakable fact that both April and the Arts begin with the same letter, this is the season where Arts-related events in Singapore are in full swing. The upcoming Singapore International Festival of the Arts (SIFA) 26th April – 12th May, is a prime opportunity to expose oneself to Arts-related events with some even coming at no cost. To top it off, beginning on the 17th of April, EJC will be holding our very own Humanities and Aesthetics Week (HAW), where one will get to see various Arts-based student groups in action.

Members of the Origin* will be embarking on a mini Arts Correspondent project – Attending and reviewing concerts that are free-of-charge, giving out hard copy flyers during HAW and much more!

Lastly, a warm welcome to our new J1 members – Ashley Ng, Jacey Teoh, Joanna Chen and Niik Seah!

If you have 15 seconds to spare, help us complete a short Arts-related survey at: https://goo.gl/forms/z9WC8QY7fgIwywyO2

Grace Marie Yeh

Editor-in-Chief (2017-2018)

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With great power comes great responsibility.

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