Month: May 2018

CCA in the Spotlight – Choir

只许成功,不许失败. Read more about the Choir CCA and what the J1s think about it here!

Agony Aunt Agatha #5

In this week`s article, Agony Aunt Agatha answers the question on whether you should get a relationship!

Chinese Orchestra Concert Review

A member of Press attended the EJC Chinese Orchestra concert on the 13th of May, see what she has to say about it!

CCA in the Spotlight – Tennis

Love means nothing to them! Find out what makes the tennis CCA enjoyable for its members and also what they look for in future members.

Agony Aunt Agatha #4

How do you actually make friends? In this week's article, we share with you some tips on how to socialise, as well as some ways we stay on task!

Red Dot Museum Review

On 11 May, our Press members visited the Red Dot Museum, a place showcasing many innovative and interesting designs. Read this article for more information on our experience there!


Editor’s Letter – May

May, the month right before the school holidays. You must be wondering, what exactly is in store for Origin leading up to the June Holidays? Well, we present to you… Review Month! Why review? Well, May is the time of year the performing arts CCAs in EJ showcase the myriad of their talents and efforts ...