CCA in the Spotlight – Track and Field

Photo credit:Tan De-Reng

Interviewee: Ullekha

1. What is an average CCA session like?

We start our CCA session at 5.30, We warm up and do drills till 6,  After which we get into our divisions and do the workouts coach has for us.

2. What do you enjoy most about your CCA?

The people. Running can be very tough and tiring if you are alone, but the people you train with, who make you laugh and talk about what happens in school, are the ones who make the toughest trainings bearable. I also love the feeling of completing a really tough workout

3. As seniors, what is your CCA looking out for in prospective members?

Commitment and dedication to push through even the toughest trainings!

4. What do you think was the highlight for your CCA last year?

There were many! Our VIA at the Rainbow Centre was really fun, and every race we complete is also a fond memory.

5.CCA information

Last year our boys relay team was very close to qualifying for finals and this year we succeeded! Also, many of our athletes qualified for individual events.

Interested to learn more about them? Head on down to the track during their training to find out more!


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