Editor’s Letter – May

May, the month right before the school holidays. You must be wondering, what exactly is in store for Origin leading up to the June Holidays?

Well, we present to you… Review Month!

Why review? Well, May is the time of year the performing arts CCAs in EJ showcase the myriad of their talents and efforts in their respective annual performing arts concerts! Excited? I know I am! So look forward to those many performance reviews, as well as music reviews, book reviews, and most importantly, FOOD REVIEWS!

In the meanwhile, as we say goodbye to our beloved J2s for their upcoming A’s, here I am writing my very first Editor’s Letter as the newly elected Editor-in-Chief – which is, I admit, a daunting but exhilarating role, and I hope that you will be looking forward to what we have in store for you for May as much as I am! My fellow members of the Press, Chief Reporter Jacey, Chief Designer Joanna, and Publicity Head Niik, and I are all very excited to be the next batch of The Origin, bringing this newsletter to greater heights. Committed to enhancing the student experience, we want to get your voice heard!

On that note, we declare student submissions based on this month’s theme – Reviews – open and welcome! https://goo.gl/forms/CXCjHaVkTgX7vv5K2


Ashley Ng

Editor-in-Chief (2018-2019)

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With great power comes great responsibility.

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