Through the Lens of a Music Student


Through the lens of a music student

By Joan Tan

This trip has been a really valuable experience for me, both as a music student and as a person. For one, it has exposed me to the different teaching pedagogies that different music universities in the UK adopt to teach music, which reflects their beliefs and values pertaining to music and what music is about (for example, teachers would offer students alternative ways to interpret a piece or a passage of music, allowing students to explore what would be the best way to perform the section and have an interpretation of their own). As a J2 student who wishes to pursue music in the future, the trips to the different music conservatories and universities has made me think more about what I want to gain out of pursuing a degree, be it specialising in a particular area of music or gaining a broader understanding in the field of study. It has also given me a better understanding of the future career paths in music, and what life in the UK is like in general.


I think this trip also made me think a lot about what I define as Music, or rather Art as a whole. When we think about Art/Music we often look at the final outcome of the process, be it the artwork shown to us, or the music that is played. But this trip allowed me to delve deeper and changed my perception of what this should be defined as. The thought struck me that a piece of good art or music should not just be defined by the physical outcome alone, but also by the concept and idea that stems from it. It was just a thought, but moment of inspiration that gave rise to a piece of art or music, maybe that alone is Art as well. On the whole, it was a really fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and I’ve learnt a lot!


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