Through the Lens of an Art Student


Through the lens of an art student

By Kylin Lew


The 12-day trip to the UK in June was one that was saturated with art, in all its forms, which made for an interesting and memorable trip for everyone, especially so for the art students.

This memorable trip really allowed us to interact with the artworks there in a special and tangible way, which made the artworks come to life even more. We visited numerous art galleries and shows, including the prestigious Tate Britain and Tate modern, where we spent most of our time getting excited about the amazing artworks in the exhibition. We even had the chance to look at original artworks by artists in our syllabus and would spend up to half an hour in front of such works, bending down to peer at its details, moving back to look at it in its scale and size, and discussing every detail about the work, moving from room to room with awe.


Of course, we could not miss out on the UK’s art schools as well. We had the opportunity to talk to students and admissions officers from prestigious art schools like Goldsmiths, the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, Royal College of Art, the University of Birmingham, and the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, to learn more about the programmes each school offers, and to hear firsthand from the students what life in their schools is like. We even got to visit some of these campuses to see their artworks, including the Master of Fine Art degree show in Slade, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in the University of Birmingham, and even had a preview of the Extension Degree Exhibition in Goldsmiths.

We also got to talk to two artists, Alvin Ong and Tal Regev, who are currently based in London, in the latter’s art studio, and learnt about their journey as art students and artists.

Overall, going to the UK, especially London where the arts scene is flourishing, to learn about art was truly an amazing experience. Not only did we get to view artworks in the galleries, but we also got to explore the possibilities of studying art in the future, which made the trip extremely unique for us.


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