Agony Aunt Agatha #9

I have an EC on a J2 but we are in different CCAs and I think it’s so hard to get an opportunity to talk to him.

Maybe there is a reason. You know. Fate and all.

You are still in the same school, you will still have opportunities to bump into him! Try to take note of common breaks or times and places you may be able to see him, or mutual friends or connections you may have.

Know his timetable or get a friend or senior to subtly introduce you.

Do refrain from being stalkerish, though, and respect his space, as well as the fact that he is probably now absorbed in preparation for his A-levels. Try to just be familiar first, before you progress into friends or attempt for more!  In the meantime, get comfortable with the friendly waves and occasional “hi”s you get. You should be patient and take it one step at a time. Do not rush it.

Rush it, you need some closure in your life. Just approach him and confess!

Things may get very awkward very fast if you throw yourself at him or give too-obvious hints. More advice on how to handle similar situations can be found in past AAA posts. Good luck!


If change is the only thing that stays constant, is constant the only thing that changes?  

Do you change your clothes after PE? Yes? Then no.

This is an argumentative fallacy. There is no logical reason why change being the only constant should lead to the conclusion that constant is the only thing that changes. For the question ‘Is constant the only thing that changes’, however, firstly, constant is a descriptor of something that is unchanging; once changed, it is no longer described as a constant. If it changes, it is not a constant.

A rate constant changes as well, according to many factors.

Secondly, rest assured that other things that are not constant change too, such as the weather. That is why they are not called constant. For a better answer, do consult your GP tutor on this question!


I feel quite overwhelmed all the time in school from results, studying and general responsibilities. I know I shouldn’t, since I have all the support surrounding me, but sometimes all this help feels foreign since I’ve never really needed this help before that it feels stressful just wanting to ask for help because I don’t want to dump my load on someone else who is probably as equally stressed. I’ve tried de-stressing in many ways but none of them seem to work. Do you have any other tips to maybe lessen the stress?

Haha welcome to JC.

JC is overwhelming, that’s no surprise; and everyone only has that same 24 hours a day to handle it all. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little out of your depth. In the end, the only thing that matters is how you handle it, and how you make use those 24 hours to manage the mountain of tasks ahead of you.

Of course, your Plan A should be to be able to manage your time, work, and responsibilities by yourself. But you are only human. Circumstances change, and sometimes we need a little external support to help us through. It may feel strange, but once you get used to working with the resources around you – including your friends and tutors – asking for help will begin to get easier. You need to push past the unfamiliarity to get what you need.

Make yourself comfortable, Aunt Agony isn’t nearly done.

Furthermore, company is a good way of helping you keep track of yourself and your pace; and often, when you ask your friends for help, you are also actually helping them keep track of their themselves as well as reinforcing their familiarity with their work. Do not feel stressed or guilty for asking for help. This is what friends are for, and no man is an island. If you’re worried that your friends may not always have the time to help you at the moment and you don’t want to stress them out with extra work helping you, you can always consult your tutors as well, or other tutors in the department; rest assured all of them will be more than happy to offer you guidance. Whoever you do end up consulting, though, always be sure to show your appreciation! Once you’ve established the support and communication system you’re comfortable with, your stress should automatically lighten with the assurance that you may not have it all handled now, but you’re well on your way there with the help you need instead of suppressing yourself.

Be Shameless. Live by this quote and you’ll live like Andii.

As for other forms of stress relief, don’t give up on looking for ways! Different stress reliefs work for different people in different situations. Listening to music is always one good way; another small useful tip is to apply pressure to the area between your second and third knuckle to create instantaneous calm. It activates a nerve that loosens the area around your heart which allows any nervousness to disappear, which works for some people.

It doesn’t work for me.

I have no fear.

Hopefully it can give you some temporary relief – but for something more consistent, do consider what’s been brought up above!



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