Agony Aunt Agatha #10

Is there any way we can join ej.origin? Joining the school newspaper has always been something that i wanted to do but when we were choosing CCAs, ej.origin wasn’t created yet, is there any way we can join ej.origin?

We are heartened to see that you are interested in joining The Origin* in creating an impact in school life and bridging the gap between the teachers and the student population.


The student body is always welcome to share and contribute their ideas, skills, and experiences with us. While we are unable to accept any official members from the current cohorts, if there are interested parties, we are open to hosting monthly meetings for the discussion of monthly affairs for those who would like to be permanent guest writers at The Origin*.


In addition, we do also always welcome student submissions. You may submit any of your personal works (such as short stories – so keep your eye out for such invitations in your email from Ej Origin), your opinions on current affair issues, or even your views on what project The Origin* should take part in next. We value the student voice and to make sure you get heard, do send in your submissions to our email or through the google forms!


Hi I think I’m attracted to a girl but I’m not sure why I can’t just be normal around her which sometimes results in me appearing unfriendly. Any tips pls 😦

First of all, don’t worry! It is perfectly normal to be feeling nervous which results in you acting strangely around her due to being overly self-conscious, and it is honestly a lot better than being that boy in the playground that pulls the hair of the girl he likes. Some ways that you can try to counter this is, for one, when around her just try to imagine that she is someone else, or that you are someone else. You can also try keeping your distance (but be subtle about it!) and wait till the infatuation passes over. Thirdly, you can also try to, in reverse, spend even more time with her so that you can get comfortable with her. Because you may tend to seem unfriendly to her, be a bit more explicit in complimenting her and actually letting her know that you enjoy her company, and if you sense you make her uncomfortable with your ‘unfriendliness’ just try to apologize and laugh it off, make a joke out of being tongue-tied around her. Laughing things off usually helps people get away with most things. In general, just try not to be so self-conscious around her. Stay calm, be confident, and try to be normal or treat her like any other person. I know it is much easier said than done, but with practice, you’ll get there!


Does Aunt Agatha have any advice for people who procrastinate a lot (like way too much)?

Sell your phone

No, I’m kidding.

But on a more serious note, exercising self-discipline is the most important thing. Know that there is a time for work and play. Easier said than done, though! To effectively tackle this problem on a more concrete basis, first figure out what it is you do to procrastinate. What distracts you? What gives you the chance to do something other than study?

For example, if you find you are constantly picking up your phone, when you are studying, you should keep your phone far away from you so that you will not get distracted by the incessant buzzing and flashing notifications you get from your phone. You can even lock it up in a box or give it to your mother for safekeeping if you feel that is what it takes to keep your hands off it. If necessary, have a routine such that you are able to study for an hour or so without checking your phone and have a 5 minute break where you are allowed to use your phone. Reward yourself this way, since it also works as incentive. Here is a cute app that can help you stay off your phone! On the other hand, if for example your way of procrastinating is walking around the house, just lock yourself in your room.

Another way to ensure you complete your work on a day by day basis is to plan what you need to do every day. Get a box and put that work in there, and remind yourself that you can only relax or go to sleep once that box is empty. This will also help you keep from forgetting what work you have and having to stay up late doing it the night before it’s due, which is really unhealthy. These are just a couple of many ways you can keep yourself on track with your workload, though. If you find you simply do not have the self-control to not only establish but keep up these preventive method, do not hesitate to ask your friends or family to help to reinforce them! You’ll be glad you did in the end.

If possible, you should also look for a concrete and strong motivation to study instead of simply working for the sake of working. A motivation is the best way to peak your interest towards a certain subject or topic and it spurs you to want to know more about it and your ignite your passion to want to understand more about it. Be clear of your goals, convince yourself that you want it and you are willing to work for it, and you’ll be set. You will find that you have absolutely no problems and you can say goodbye to your worst enemy – procrastination.



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