Agony Aunt Agatha #11

The school is full of toxic people and there are people who pretends to like you but behind your back they talk about you. How do we deal with such situations? If we are already very tolerant but yet the others still cross the line. Please help thank you!

There’s no doubt that there will definitely be such people in every school and you just have to find ways to deal with these individuals.

Firstly, it may just be the nature of that person to be two-faced and what you should do is distance yourself from her. You should still maintain a convenient and civil relationship as acquaintances but try not to get too close or personal and put yourself at vulnerability. Stick to the simple small talk on a daily basis but do not delve deeper.

Secondly, you cannot stop things from being said about you, but you can definitely change the way you view such things being said. You can think of the situation as

hey, maybe they’re bored and need some drama in their lives to be part of


Maybe they feel jealous of you and perhaps want to spread rumours to make your life seem less impressive

Either or, being spoken about behind your back isn’t exactly the sweetest thing in the world.However, we tend to be so caught up in our shallow pool of image that we fail to recognise that what really matters is how you react to the circumstances and if you choose to let it affect you. If you know that what was being said about you is not true, you can hold your head high and let the haters know that you are more than a silly rumour that they believe. Just stay calm, denounce what isn’t true, and if you can, laugh it off. Don’t feed the trolls.

Anyway, that being said, you can always approach the person and confront her/him about what was being said, especially if they cross the line. Do not feel afraid to stand up to them, do not let them hide behind that cowardly mask.

Good Luck!


I know a girl in class likes me, what should I do to make it less awkward?

Most importantly, first consider what you would like out of this. Would you like her to get the hint to please back off a little and not get her hopes up? Do you want her to know you might like her too?

Just be your normal self, don’t change just because of someone liking you. She likes you for you, so do not be too bothered about it.

However, if you do not like her and do not want this to develop anywhere, one good thing to do is just be remain ‘oblivious’. JC is a short 2 years whereby the overwhelming stress of homework and tests is going engulf you. With that being said, just ignore the situation and this crush will probably fade away. Friendzoning is cruel, but sometimes necessary to help the both of you get on with your lives.

On the other hand, if she knows that you know that she likes you…

Good luck my friend.

She’ll probably be waiting for a response. You should either make it clear that you are not interested in a relationship at this point but offer to remain good friends as you value your friendship a lot. (and also to prevent your relationship from getting awkward) Confront her on it if necessary, or try to get her friends to hint at it to her for you. If you’re not comfortable confronting her directly, just try to remain good friends with her and be careful NOT to give out any mixed signals to prevent her from getting confused or encouraged.

All the best.

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