Coffee Talks

I’m sure some of you have probably clicked on this article thinking that it will be an interesting article about coffee.

Well, you’re right!

This week’s article of Coffee Talks is on coffee and why The Origin* decided to launch this new segment.


With the Promos and Prelims ahead of us, we are all gradually turning into sleep deprived zombies. Instead of taking a snooze in class, why not take a sip of coffee to stay awake? Caffeine increases your heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism. Therefore, it makes a person more awake. The drinks stall located in the canteen sells a killer Pokka Coffee in a can for only $1.20. I would say that the sweetness to bitterness ratio is around 2:1, but you should let your taste buds do the talking. The lounge sells Nescafe coffee as well, for $1.70, but it is more on the bitter side, if you are looking to order that coffee, ask for more milk or ask to make it sweeter. Just a stone’s throw away at Enaq, the prata shop at Ghim Moh, my friends and I would always look to buy Neslo for $2.10. In case you are not aware of the existence of this heavenly drink, it is a mix of Nescafe and Milo in a perfect 1:1 ratio, you get the bitterness of the coffee but the exquisitely balanced with the sweetness of the Milo in rich chocolate goodness. Some may argue that it is a Singaporean version of Mocha. Personally I am not exactly a fan of coffee, I didn’t fancy the bitterness of coffee. However, this drink was bittersweet and I really enjoyed the harmony of these two classic drinks mixed into one. (I may be a little biased, but I do love the Neslo there) (And for the record, we were not sponsored, wished we were though.)


Back to the main point of why we decided to launch this segment:

I tasted my first cup of Neslo just last week. Although the coffee content may not be a lot, it worked its magic. The increased blood flow, the rapid firing of my neurotransmitters and increased blood oxygen levels really did help me think better. I was coming up with all sorts of random questions mainly about life and why things are the way things are. So be prepared to read more articles that will mess with your brain and make you question life as well. And here’s launching our new segment

Coffee Talks

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