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Coffee Talks

What happens when people get a cut over where their tattoo is. Is their tattoo ruined?


If the cut is a slight graze of the skin, it may not affect the tattoo itself.


However, if the cut is a deep cut, it may scab over, which essentially ruins the tattoo.


Sometimes, when the skin grows back in it’s original colour or knits back, the tattoo may get distorted. If you’re unlucky, there will be a patch of faded ink. Infection of the wound may also ruin the tattoo.


However, you never know, sometimes accidental cuts may turn out to look like something great…

Is pen ink hazardous for my skin? Will it give me cancer?


While we often jot down important reminders for ourselves on our palms or on our arms, you may sometimes wonder if pen ink is indeed dangerous and hazardous for your skin in the long run.


Critics will argue that, unfortunately, the skin is indeed highly absorbent and some of that pen ink may seep into your bloodstream and potentially harm important organs in your body. Excessive drawing on your skin may increase the risk of getting cancer due to the irritants in the ink as your cells coming into contact with these toxins.


However, in reality, most of the toxins and chemicals from the ink has already been removed and ink is made up of solvents, dyes pigments and water, none of which is dangerous for the body. There has been scientific prove that writing on your skin poses no permanent threat to your health. Ink poisoning does not occur merely by doodling on one’s skin.


Nonetheless, it is safer to keep the casual drawings on paper and minimise ink drawing on your skin.


But please, don’t ingest it.


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