What’s in my bag

With promos and prelims drawing near we all need some inspiration for us to get our life together and through this tough time. What better way than by feasting our eyes on the study aesthetics around us? Inspired by various studygrams and studyblrs around us, the Origin has selected several talented Eunoians to share with us their personal aesthetics in keeping motivated to stay organized for school.


What’s in her bag:

Pencil case – MINISO, POPULAR, highlighters – Mildliner, pens – Muji

Earphones – MINISO

Portable charger

Phone, phone case – Toy Outpost, popsocket – POPULAR

Water bottle – Thermos

Files, notes

Black umbrella – Japan

Bag – Adidas

Favourite place to get school supplies: Muji



What’s in her bag:

Pencil case POPULAR– , highlighters – STABILO, pens – SARASA, Muji
Water bottle – Starbucks, coffee thermos – Korea
Phone, phone case – Taobao, earphones, wallet
File, notes

Hand sanitizer – Dettol , Plastic bag for sweaty clothes

Sports jacket

Bag – Fjallraven Kanken

She learnt how to do calligraphy from a friend when she broke her leg and had nothing to do. She also has 18 pens (of which 3 are lucky pens),10 highlighters and has recently started to put her pens in the right order every time. She drinks black coffee with no sugar everyday. Gotta enhance that dopamine for motivation to go to school.


Water bottle – Tupperware

Pencil case – , pens – Muji, highlighters – Mildliner, calculator

Notebooks – Muji

Wallet – Tommy Hilfiger, glasses

File, notes

Pencil case-Muji

Bag – Adidas



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