Coffee Talks – Soulmates

What if everyone had only one soulmate in the world?


What if we only had a soulmate chosen at birth and we couldn’t be happy with everyone else? But, you do not know anything about who or where they are but as soon as your eyes meet, you fall deeply in love with each other.


Firstly, if we were paired up at random, 90% of our soulmates would probably be dead. I know that sounds pretty morbid, but there is still an unknown number of future humans as well. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is in the distant past, and by then, will you really still be alive?


But hypothetically speaking, the odds of running into your soulmate is incredibly small. The number of strangers we make eye contact with on a daily basis can vary from none to a thousand. Let’s assume that you lock eyes with 50 strangers in a day and if 10% of them are close to your age, it shows that you have 500 million potential soulmates. Hence this means that the chances of finding true love is 1/10,000. So, what you should take away from this is: look up from your phones and make more eye contact!


Quite contrary to most Hollywood films, true love don’t just fall into your laps, or happen just because your sister sends out a bunch of letters (if you know what I mean). It is so rare to be in close proximity to your soulmate and it would probably take you more years than you have to walk the whole world trying to find the one that you are destined to be with.


Therefore, given all the stress and pressure, some people may fake finding true love. They decide to get together with another lonely person, the get married, hide their relationship problems and struggle to be happy.


Living in a world of random soulmates, we would all be lonely. So: work for fate.

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With great power comes great responsibility.

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