Fake Freshies Alert: Awkward Encounters

To be very honest, most of us on The Origin* team were extremely thrilled about the idea of going Undercover when one of our members first brought it up. It seemed really cool and I am sure that we were one of the first few JCs to think about doing this. The idea of blending in with the juniors and pretending to be a J1 was exciting.

We had lots of fun coming up with fake identities and planning our backstories. We eventually settled with being transfer students from other countries, like Korea and China, and even googled schools so that we would sound more legitimate. We also made sure to have a solid backstory and spent a lot of time revising it so as to ensure that everything will go as planned. To be frank, I really felt that my story was rather authentic, and that nothing would have gone wrong, right?

Wrong. I was so wrong. Let’s be real, who would have thought that I would make a mistake within the first five minutes of meeting my orientation group. I actually introduced myself as ‘Jacey’ (my actual name) instead of my alias ‘Jay’! I was praying so hard that they would not remember my name so I would have a chance to correct it. Thankfully, most of them didn’t actually remember so all I had to do was to introduce myself again as ‘Jay’.

At first, I didn’t think that it would be extremely awkward because all I had to do was to blend in and other than that, I could just be myself and enjoy the day. However, as the day progressed, I realised that it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. There was a lot of instances where I felt like my cover would’ve been blown, such as during the icebreakers, because I couldn’t keep up with my own identity and was making changes to my story every few minutes. I was extremely stressed out by the questions that were thrown at me by the J1s but I couldn’t blame them, I can understand how having a transfer student in their orientation group was interesting for them.

I was honestly really surprised at how this orientation group was so friendly and bonded on their first day. They were planning out routes for the scavenger hunt and they were all so cooperative. This really caught me off guard because it was rare to see people warming up to each other so quickly and also, seeing how some of them were willing to step up to lead the rest was really heart-warming. This is vastly different from my previous orientation experiences as there was always awkward tension between the people in my group. Thanks to OG19, I was able to experience something fun even though it was only for a day and I am very grateful to everyone in that group!

Interestingly, while I was on my break, a J1 from another OG approached me and asked if I could take a picture with her group. I was taken back by their request but eventually realized that it was one of their ‘missions’ to find a senior and to take a picture with them. I obliged and even though it was an awkward encounter for me but I found it rather adorable.

I also went around with the Press Team during the later parts of the day to talk to different J1s and to gain more insights about how they felt about the whole orientation experience so far. I was thankful to be able to converse with many J1s who were friendly and receptive about their seniors asking them about their experiences. Some of them mentioned that the school was too messy and hard to navigate, many of them were undecided about their CCAs, while some are already very sure about what they are planning to join! If you are currently still thinking about what CCAs to join, do consider joining The Origin* team!

Overall, being J1 again for a day was really fun and I am so grateful to everyone that made it possible! I have learnt many things about the three different schools and also interacted with many friendly individuals. I, honestly, did not expect this experience to be so enjoyable!

To the OGLs (Megan, Angelina, Century), thank you for playing along with us and for helping us to blend in as much as possible, even though I know it wasn’t easy. To all the other J1s in OG19, I hope you guys have fun for the rest of Eunite and that you guys will stay good friends with one another!


Go Galloglas!




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