CCAs in the Spotlight

With CCA Walkabout just around the corner, EJ Press The Origin* presents you with a taster on what you can expect from the Walkabout itself, as well as some very important details for you on making an informed decision regarding your CCA and securing your place. Read on for a sneak peek of EJ’s many available CCAs!



Badminton (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 20th February

Venue: ISH

What to bring: Badminton Racket (recommended), Court Shoes (optional)

Attire: Sports attire

They are looking for people with a positive attitude and sufficient experience, as they are working towards their first goal of making it to the finals.

Visit their booth at the ISH where there will be a showcase on doubles (2.30pm) and singles (3.30pm) with an umpire and linesman to show an actual match setting. When there isn’t a match, the court will be open for interested J1s to play and rackets will be provided! Don’t forget to head down to their booth to sign up for trials!


Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 15th February 3-5pm

Venue: Outdoor Basketball court

What to bring: Basketball Shoes/Sport Shoes

Attire: PE attire

They are looking for committed and responsible individuals who are willing to undergo strenuous trainings despite busy school schedules. However, if you are an experienced player, do join them! They are a fun batch of basketballers and hope to preserve the culture of “alongside with training hard together, we should also be wild and fun together at all times”. Nonetheless, all are welcomed to attend their trials. The Boys and Girls team both achieved 4th place in 2018 U19 Basketball Youth Lions’ Cup.

Keep an eye out for the introductory video at their booth at the Grandstand! Don’t forget to sign-up for Basketball trials at their booth as well.


Floorball (Boys)

Trial Date: 19th and 21st February 5-7pm

Venue: Hall

What to bring: Water bottle (Floorball stick will be provided)

Attire: PE attire and track shoes

They are looking for players who are familiar with the sport or show potential in floorball, as well as experienced players. Floorball may not be an easy sport to pick up; however, you will, within the short time you have in the CCA, be able to grow as a family that trains together under the hot sun every Thursday as well as suffer under the coach’s wrath together. In EJfloorball, you do not have to be the fastest or the fittest to stand out. They need individuals who are willing to go the extra mile for the team and never ever give up be it in training or in matches. As long as you try your best, your team will have your back. EJfloorball has achieved Top 6 in National A divisions in 2018.

Check out their booth at the ISH and try your hand at floorball. A sign up sheet will be provided at the booth.


Hockey (Girls)

Trial Date: 19th February 5pm

Venue: D court at the track

What to bring: Water Bottle, Towel

Attire: Sports attire with sport shoes

They are looking for people who possess spatial awareness, have their own opinions, and are not afraid to speak up and contribute willingly to discussions. The willingness and determination to work hard along with having the potential to go far in Hockey is imperative as well. The trials will consist of 2 drills, one shooting and one dribbling (subject to changes) which will be conducted by their coach and teacher. Hockey is a sport that will be, both physically and mentally, difficult and tiring. However, EJhockey is also a family that supports, loves and cherishes one another. They have attained 2nd for the National Hockey A Divisions.

Come to their booth at the Grandstand as well as try out their activities located at the area between the ISH and the tennis courts and let them share with you more about hockey as a sport but also as a family!

Here is their sign up link:


Netball (Girls)

Trial Date: 18 February 5pm

Venue: Netball Courts

What to bring: Sport/Netball Shoes, Water bottle

Attire: PE attire

Looking for those with prior netball experience, they are a netball family who loves to have fun and always have each other’s back. They attained 2nd runner up in the National A Divisions in 2018.

Visit their booth and learn more about what they do and find out more about them personally. Sign ups will be at their booth.


Softball (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 18th February, 5pm

Venue: Field

What to bring: Water bottles, Sunblock and Cap (Optional)

Attire: PE attire

They welcome anyone who is interested and have the determination to do their best. Softball is a relatively new sport for many, so it may seem daunting and confusing at first glance. However when you get the hang of it, you will realize how fun it is and may even develop a true passion for it! But don’t worry if you are unsure, the seniors will be there to guide you along the way when you need help.

Softball have participated in various competitions in the past, such as the SRC carnival as well as National A Divisions.

Visit their CCA booth located at the Grandstand as well as on the left side of the field where there will be some experiential activities, and try your hand at batting!

Here is their sign-up link:


Squash (Girls)

Trial Date: TBC

Venue: TBC

What to bring: Squash Racquet (Optional)

Attire: PE attire

Feel free to try out Squash even if you lack prior experience! Squash is looking for anyone with the potential and the drive to learn.

Visit their CCA booth at the ISH and try your hand at Squash at the Squash courts.

Here is their sign-up link:


Table Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 13th February, 3.30-5pm (or later)

Venue: Hall

What to bring: Water bottle, Table Tennis Bats (Optional)

Attire: PE attire

They are looking for players with experience in Table Tennis or any racket sports. Hand-eye coordination is crucial for this sport. Table Tennis is a close-knitted CCA, and even those without prior experience will be able to pick up the sport very quickly as long as one maintains the right training and learning attitude. They have attained Top 5 in National A Divisions last year.

Visit their CCA booth in the ISH, where you can try out the sport.

Here is their sign-up link:


Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 14th February 4pm (boys), 15th February 3pm (girls)

Venue: Tennis Courts

What to bring: Water bottle, Tennis Racket (Optional)

Attire: PE attire

If you want to be part of the tennis family, then they want YOU! They are looking for fighters, team players and most importantly, passionate tennis PLAYERS. Their team is not only a team of dedicated, determined athletes, but they work hard and play hard too! They’re a team- on and off the court- and they want you to be a part of it. Love may mean nothing to them, but if you join tennis, they’re gonna make it everything to you!!
Head down to the tennis courts to hit with them and to try out your tennis skills during the CCA carnival between 2-4pm. Wear your PE attire and bring your racquet if you have one! If not, your friendly seniors will lend you theirs.


Track and Field (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 14th February 4pm

Venue: Track

What to bring: Water bottle, Sport shoes and Spikes (Optional)

Attire: PE attire

They are looking for those with a passion for whatever they do, be it jumping or running, and they will be heartened to see members going all out to get a new personal best! Being a small team, track is extremely proud of all the effort put into achieving National 7th for boys and 11th for girls in the National A Divisions 2018.

Their booth will be at the Grandstand where they will have demonstrations. You can also try out some events at the D beside the field nearest to the canteen as well.

Here is their sign-up link:

Follow this link to join their WhatsApp group:


Ultimate (Boys and Girls)

Trial Date: 14th February 4.30pm

Venue: Field

What to bring: Water bottle

Attire: Any EJ related shirt, black sports shorts and cleats (recommended)

EJUT is looking for hard workers who are willing to learn,and give it their all regardless of the hardships in their way! Nothing beats the feeling of putting in your 100%, grinding it out with your ulti-mates. Ultimate is a challenge of all forms, encompassing not only physical elements but also requires mental tenacity and the willingness to work with others. As a CCA they not only value physical strength, but more importantly the Spirit of the Game. If you’re looking for something different, something more than just a simple game, EJUT is the place for you. They are more than just a team, they are a family of 33 built on hard work, dedication, spirit and a little trolling. While they may have destroyed some fields in the process, they’ve created some of the best memories with each other on every field they have been on and they can’t wait for you to join them on their journey. EJUT has achieved 9th place (top J1 team) in the 14th InterJCs Ultimate Championships, and 1st place the ActiveSG UltyBeginners Competition 2018.

EJUT will be playing an exhibition match at the field, and you can join them for some throwing and drills if you are interested! Make sure to check them out at the grandstand!


Volleyball (Girls and Boys)

Trial Date: 18th February 5pm

Venue: Hall

What to bring: Water bottle, Towel

Attire: Sports attire, Court Shoes (Optional)

They are looking for individuals with an open mind, determination, passion and grit to play volleyball. While they are a very competitive CCA, they hope to have players with a certain level of fitness and ball sense. But it does not matter if you do not have experience, feel free to attend their tryouts and you may be able to pick up the sports fairly quickly! They are looking to create a legacy by attaining Top 4 in National A Divisions and also to bond as a team and create a EJvolleyball culture.

Visit them in the ISH where the EXCOs will be teaching you some basics of volleyball and where you can try to get the feel of what you would expect when you come into the CCA. In addition, they will conduct an activity in the half tennis court where they will teach you how to Set, Receive and Spike.

Here is their sign-up link:


Clubs and Societies

Visual Arts

Audition Date: 15th February 1-3pm

Venue: F1-4

What to bring: Drawing materials (pencil, eraser etc.), any previous art pieces you want to show (Optional)

They are looking for passionate people, who are willing to take time to do art and are open to new ideas and forms so that you can further yourself as a whole.

Visit their booth at the library and learn more about what they have accomplished in 2018 and their goals for 2019.

Here is their sign-up link:


Computing and Robotics

Interview Date: 15th February 3.15pm

Venue: TBC

What to bring: NIL

This club is looking for people with a positive attitude towards learning new things, especially since computing/robotics can be quite complex and difficult to learn, with various codes and technology to master. People who are willing to learn, want to participate in activities and have a genuine interest in technology are very welcomed to sign up. Starting from this year onwards, Computing and Robotics is launching three new specialised tracks in various tech areas, namely AI+Machine learning with Python, Robotics and Mobile & Web development.

Members will have the chance to experience taster sessions in the different tracks and then choose an area of specialisation later in the year.

They have achieved 1st place in IMDA Tableau Data Stories of Singapore competition, 2nd place in the SUTD Electric Vehicle Design Challenge as well as entered the grand finals for the National Robotics Competition.

Visit their CCA booth in the library (MRL 2, the area below the stairs) where they will be putting up a LEGO Robot Run showcase as well as an object recognition software display which involves machine learning and AI that can identify various objects.
Here is their sign-up link:



Audition Dates: 15th and 18th February (Duration – max 1 hour)

Venue: F1-09 (15th Feb), LR1 (18th Feb)

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” – Joseph Joubert

Eunoia Debate Society (EDS) is a competitive debating society which was founded on a common belief in contention, thought, and discourse. They are looking for members with a positive learning attitude, an enthusiasm for debate, and the potential to grow. Experience is not a pre-requisite and all are invited to apply.

Check out their brochure at

In 2018, they reached the Grand Finals of the Singapore Debate Open and the Semi Finals of 3 University Tournaments. Some of their members were the Top-Ranked Speakers of the NUS Political Association Debate Series, and others achieved individual placings at international tournaments.

Visit their CCA booth in the library (MRL 2, the area below the stairs) to learn more about the CCA or even challenge J2s to a friendly debate over local and global issues of controversy.

Here is the link to their recruitment portal to register for auditions:



Interview Date: 13th February 4pm

Venue: F1-11

They are looking for committed people who are passionate about the environment and open to learning new things. Most of them joined the CCA without much prior knowledge about gardening or conservation, so do not be worried about being inexperienced! As long as you keep an open mind and be willing to learn, you can pick up things along the way. All are welcomed join.

Do check out their CCA booth in the library for a mini quiz with prizes (food) as well as the sky garden where you can dig and plant seeds.

Here is their sign-up link:



They are looking for members who are actually interested in and passionate about managing and improving the library space. Their working goal is to promote research, reading and knowledge and they are looking to find people who will be invested and passionate about crafting, managing and participating in activities that work towards that aim. They hope that together, you can turn library club into a CCA people will be proud to be a part of.

Visit their booth in the library for a small quiz game about book quotes as well as admire an example of a book display.

Here is their sign-up link:



Interview Dates: TBC

Venue: TBC

They welcome any individuals who are willing to work as a team but also possess the interest and desire to learn. There are 4 differents modules in Media; Photography, Videography, Designing as well as Press. (Press will be holding separate Interviews).

Head down to their CCA booth located at the MRL Rooms at the lower level of the library where you can watch and even try your hand at video and photo editing, sound mixing demo, designing and tour an experience booth done by Press that will stimulate your 5 senses.

Here is Press’s sign-up link:

Here is Media’s sign-up link:



Trial Dates: 14th and 18th February 4.30-7pm

Venue: F1-10

What to bring: Water bottle and some ODAC spirit

They are looking for those with good spirit, team work, leadership and a love for the outdoors. Over the course of last year, they have climbed Mount Belumut, organized Spartan Race, participated in the National Vertical Marathon as well as attended the EW Barker Competition in which they have attained 2nd and 3rd place.

Check out their CCA booth at the Atria where a model campsite will be on display with a few interactive activities. After the carnival, they will be conducting a Q&A session in F1-10 for those who have any queries.

Here is their sign-up link:


Service Learning

Interview Date: 15th February 1-5pm

Venue: TR301 (2-5pm), F1-11 (2-5pm), F1-6 (2-5pm) As for walk-in interviews, go to TR301

They are looking for those with a passion to serve, compassion, empathy, good communication skills and willingness to commit. They are a group of people that are bonded by their heart to serve the community!

Visit their CCA booth in the library where they will be conducting interactive activities where you can feel what it is like to be a person with physical disabilities.

Here is their sign-up link:


Performing Arts

Chinese Orchestra

Trial Date: 20th February 3.30-5pm

Venue: CO room

What to bring: Your own instrument (If necessary)

They are looking for individuals who have musical background but will definitely consider and welcome those who are inexperienced as well. There will not be interviews, but their instructor will observe just how suited you are to the instrument and hence make his decision. CO is a very warm, caring and enthusiastic CCA so if you want a CCA that you can enjoy and look forward to after school, CO is the place to be! Apart from in-school performances, they had their major concert titled “Ardour” in the Esplanade Recital Studio and played in a small concert at the Library@Esplanade in 2018. You can look forward to many more exciting events such as SYF 2019.

Visit their booth in the Hall and keep a look out for their CCA performance at 3.10pm in the Hall.



Audition Dates: 15 Feb 1-2.30pm, 19 Feb 5-7pm

Venue: MEP Room 2

They are looking for those interested participants with courage to sing, are committed to their CCA, and have a love for music. Do not be afraid, just try your hand at it! EJchoir is more than just a CCA, they are a family. In 2018, they held their very own concert entitled Genesis.

Visit their booth in the Hall and keep your eyes peeled and ears open for their CCA performance at 3pm in the Hall.



Audition Date: 19th February

Venue: TBC

Attire: Dri-fit Shirt and Black Leggings/Sweatpants

They accept people of all different dance backgrounds, however it doesn’t matter even if you do not have prior experience. They are looking for individuals who have a strong passion for dance and learning new things. They love those who are always looking to push themselves and give their all in learning no matter how tired they are. They are a family first and a CCA second so they want their juniors to be accepting of their environment and all the people in it, so they can carry on the family legacy. During the auditions, you will have to learn a choreography and perform it in groups. In addition, keep a lookout for their open class happening on the 12th Feb from 5-8pm, to let all interested participants to experience what Dance CCA is like.

Visit their booth in the Hall to watch their concert video as well as admire the beautiful display of costumes. Make sure to catch their performance 2.25pm!



Audition Date: 20th February 3.30-5pm

Venue: TBC

They are looking for passionate people who are excited to collaborate and play with other like-minded individuals in Drama. You do not have to be super talented in acting or have any prior theatre experience, as long as you are ready to put in your fullest effort into Drama, it will be an awesome experience. They obtained Distinction in SYF 2018 and have managed to put up their own production in SOTA. Similar opportunities awaits for the new batch!

Make sure to check out their booth in the Hall to play with their props and costumes as well as to clarify any doubts with Drama members. Be sure to catch their performance at 2.10pm.

Here is their sign-up link: (Please fill this in with your EJC email address)


Symphonic Band

Audition Date: 14th February 4pm

Venue: Band room and Canteen

What to bring: Your own instruments (if necessary)

They are looking for both experienced (who should already know what instrument to play) and inexperienced players. The best quality you can possess is musicality and you should always be aware and observing what is going on. Their audition will consist of 2 parts, firstly, you will meet their conductor who would like to have a tea session where you would chat and get to know each other over light snacks. Following that, you will join the band to play some songs together. In EJband, you will enjoy the company of your fellow band mates both during CCA and outside of practice. They have attained a Distinction in SYF 2017.

Look out for their large banner and high enthusiasm in their CCA booth located at the Hall, and do not miss their performance at 3.25pm.

Here is their sign-up link:


Student Council

“To serve, you only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love”
—Martin Luther King
They are looking for anyone with a passion and heart to serve. If you have an interest in event planning or are interested in trying something new, in pushing your boundaries, feel free to join their council family. The perfect mix of some sports (running about during events), performing arts (all that dancing and singing during school events), clubs (though maybe not be as specialised as them but they also do hone all sorts of skills). Don’t be afraid to sign up even if you don’t have any prior experience! What matters most is the heart to serve, the heart to make a difference, and that drive in you to make a difference in EJC!

To find out more about SC, you can visit their booth at the Atria. They will also be holding sharing sessions at LT5 from 2.30-3pm and 3-3.30pm on 8th of February.

You will be given the option to indicate your interest for council, through the EJ portal during the CCA selection exercise. Following that, you will attend the trial session on 20th and 27th February. There will also be interviews, followed by campaigning.


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