Getting firsthand with PW

Project Work is certainly a daunting subject, due to it being a year-long affair on a single topic with 3 to 4 of your classmates whom you may not even be friends with. That’s why The Origin* has compiled a list of advice on how to survive this ordeal, from your very own seniors who have experienced first-hand how PW was like.

Get started early.

Though this advice may be obvious, we cannot stress this enough. Due to the nature of PW, work such as the written report cannot be rushed, it is supposed to be worked on throughout the PW Journey until perfection. PW teachers will most likely set the pace and guide you throughout the journey, but it is still your responsibility to stick to deadlines and even do extra work if possible. Doing ahead will also allow you to have sufficient time to fix any mistakes when you come across them. PW is a subject that pits you against every other group in the country, especially those doing the same topics as you, thus it is an advantage if you are able to complete your work first and have time to perfect it. Another example of starting early is with your pilot test. You will be given the June Holidays to do a pilot test with your solutions so make sure to grab this opportunity! Once you miss it, you will have to do this pilot test after school or during the weekends.

Get acquainted.

We know how hard it is to have to socialise with someone you have never talked to before, let alone someone you know and hate, but this is essential for your grades. To ace PW, you will have to work well with your group mates and this will require you to understand each other’s flaws and strengths. Put aside your differences and work together, you may not like it but PW will be a memorable milestone in your JC life so be sure to complete it with satisfaction and not regret.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

PW is like any other subject, it requires consultations with your teachers. If you have any questions or difficulties, be sure to ask your teachers fast! The worst thing you can do is to leave these questions unanswered, screw up and get scolded by your teacher (speaking from first-hand experience) Know that your PW teacher is there to help you!

Be open to criticism.

Your work will never be perfect, your PW teacher will definitely criticise the work you’ve done, no matter how much effort you put in or how perfect you think it is. You have to learn how to accept criticism, use it and improve yourself. The criticisms that come from your teacher are not meant to bring you down, it contains advice from many years of teaching and countless PW projects. Listen well and not complain about it.

Speak up

Your groupmates are not telepaths, you should always express your thoughts, doubts and ideas. It is, after all, a group project and you definitely do not want to be seen as a useless member who does not contribute much. Speaking up also ensures you know what your project’s about, which will help you in your oral presentation, especially the question and answer segment of it.

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