Interview with sustainablelivingej

Hello! We are Charlotte and Suyi from 18-O3 and 18-A3 respectively.

1. What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources. Its practitioners often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering their methods of transportation, energy consumption, and/or diet.

2. How did this account start off?

This account was originally started off by our senior, Hong Jing. We found his work extremely inspiring and impactful, so we volunteered to take over the account and the campaign after he graduated. Considering the fact that he is now serving the nation, he agreed that it would be more impactful as the account is still relevant to our school, and isn’t inactive.

3. What impact do you hope to make?

We hope to shift the focus towards sustainable living in general, instead of the past focus on merely reducing straws. Sustainable living consists of a varied assortment of issues, ranging from Animal Conservation to eco-consciousness to Fast Fashion. We hope that more people would be aware of the small changes they can easily make to their lifestyle, in order to incorporate sustainable living into their everyday lives. We also wish to generate more discussion on topics related to sustainable living, in order to educate more people on what exactly it is, as well as how they themselves can contribute to conserving the World.

4. What motivates you to continue developing this account?

Even before the straw-free movement started in 2018, we were always interested in finding ways to conserve the environment we live in. At the peak of the movement, during which many people were involved by making an effort to purchase and use metal straws, we realised the impact that such campaigns were capable of making. It showed us that even the smallest of actions were able to contribute to a huge change. Coupled with our passion for the environment, we strongly believe that the content this account promotes has great potential to positively influence the people around us. By developing this account to reach out to more people, the world would hopefully become a better place for everyone to live in, through all of our combined efforts.

5. What are some specific environmental issues that you care about?

Charlotte and I both feel as though we have a personal stake in the environment. We both have our issues that we are extremely passionate about. For instance, I am very invested in the topic of fast fashion and feel that as youths, we are the main perpetrators of this environmental issue and it is up to us to resolve it. On the other hand, Charlotte is more interested in issues such as reducing waste, as she believes that eco-consciousness can be applied to our everyday lives. Small actions such as avoiding food packaging can make a huge difference in the long run. Hence, we feel that it is our responsibility to raise awareness for issues.

6. What are your future plans for @sustainablelivingej?

We plan to post regularly on our Instagram account to raise awareness about the environment and its myriad of issues. We also hope to foster engagement and interest in among Eunoians to do their part in saving the earth. In an effort to increase conservation, we will be holding a contest in Eunoia, where people stand a chance to win bubble tea if they give us a shoutout on Instagram and submit an entry via DM about an environmental issue that means a lot to them, along with two solutions to target the issue. In an effort to save the environment, no plastic straws will be provided and winners are encouraged to bring their own reusable straws to drink the bubble tea with.

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