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MYEs are finally over! To celebrate, why not treat yourself to a new song? Every month, The Origin* features 7-8 songs recommended by your fellow Eunoians and a personal recommendation from one of our members. Have a song to recommend? Fill in this form and your recommended song may be featured in Sick Beats! (Note: Songs are subject to review, and please recommend PG13 songs) To everyone who recommended a song, thank you for your contribution!


Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2) and Athena Lim (19-A4)


1.Arjit Singh – First Class

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Mood booster, Happy pill

(Suggested by Roan Ng, 19-E3)

Its energetic and catchy beat almost makes us want to pull a friend along and dance, and underpins the rest of the song even as the mood changes, from almost airy, to a dramatic climax at the end of the song. 8.5/10

2.Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine

Genre: Rock

Good for gymming, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

We love the suave guitar riffs and the falsetto background vocals, which add flavour to this already eclectic song. 8/10.  

3.Sabaton – Primo Victoria

Genre: Metal

Helps to focus when studying, Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of dem feels

(Suggested by Glenda Tan, 18-I3)

Oozing with powerful vocals and tasteful historical references, history buffs (and non-history buffs) are sure to enjoy this thumping hit. For safety reasons, play this on low volume. 8/10. 

4.Queen – Don’t stop me now

Genre: Rock

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster, Party / Rave

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Notoriously known for its tempo of 150 beats per minute, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is a classic feel good hit and don’t stop yourself from hitting the replay button again. 8/10. 

5.Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Genre: Rock

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster, Party / Rave, Colossus Dance!! 😀

(Suggested by Anonymous)

With powerful guitar riffs and memorable lyrics, ‘Shut Up and Dance’ is a great song to rock out on the dance floor with your ‘discotheque Juliet teenage dream’. Yes, we’re being objective here. 8.5/10.  

6.RINI – Good Intentions

Genre: R&B

A dose of them feels, Chill, A chill and relaxing song for those late nights spent rushing unfinished work

(Suggested by Anonymous)

The smooth vocals, accompanied by the sick bass and acoustic guitar sounds, bring out the sincere lyrics of the song. It throws you back to the iconic tunes of the 2000s, but even better. 8/10

7.Jam Hsiao – 纯金打造

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Kaethe Fok, 19-E3)

While it starts off like a typical Mandarin love song featuring mesmerizing vocals and instrumentals, it slowly reveals a rock component that you’d never expect. The kind of song we would sing into a hairbrush on the floor in true Bridget Jones style. 7.5/10

8.Jasmine Sokko – TIRED

Genre: EDM

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Anonymous)

(The song only starts at 1:02) With relatable lyrics and an easy beat, this song is sure to perk you up and get you singing along, despite its name. However, the lyrics and beat do get rather repetitive. 8.5/10


Bonus Recommendation: 


Valley – A Phone Call In Amsterdam 

Genre: Alternative Pop

This incredibly underrated song is cleverly layered with different musical elements that come together to give a hopeful and upbeat melody. The listening experience is beautiful as it touches the heart and soul. Chills, literal chills. 8/10

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