Agony Aunt Agatha #15

Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)


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Note: The following questions have been edited for clarity.

I’m a J2 and I’ve been crushing on my CCA junior for 3 months, should I confess soon? Especially because I’m gonna graduate. 


It really depends on you and your circumstances but if I were in your shoes, I personally would get this off my chest as soon as possible. However, you should consider the fact that your junior may not reciprocate your feelings. If things don’t really go as planned, don’t let this plague your thoughts because at the end of the day, as depressing as it may be, A levels are your end goal. While studies should not be your only priority, it should take precedence over your potential relationship with your junior, especially since the major exam is looming nearer. That being said, before making your decision, do take note of how you might react to her/ him turning you down. If you feel that you might take rejection badly and get distracted, don’t do it. Please refrain from confessing now and maybe wait till it is over before taking the plunge and confessing. Good luck my friend, Agony Aunt Agatha will be rooting for you!


I have a religious classmate who gets on my nerves a lot. I don’t like how he keeps preaching his religious beliefs. 


Religious beliefs are often sensitive subjects. The matter of one’s faith is often subjective, tempting contrary opinions, and it’s practically inevitable that you’d run into someone with different beliefs.

Seeing as it is your classmate, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid contact with him. So, when your classmate inevitably places his religious beliefs into a conversation, you can try switching the topic to something else, like the upcoming Math test or opinions on the UK’s new Prime Minister. Steering your religious classmate towards other topics would give yourself, and others a more comfortable topic to talk about. If the topic stubbornly refuses to budge, then abruptly leaving the conversation might preserve your temper, as well as signal your displeasure.

However, if you open your mind and engage him in an honest, rational conversation about both of your beliefs, both of you could gain meaningful insights out of it. It’s certainly a better outcome than other more antagonistic methods.

To sum up, you cannot run away. What you can do is make the best of the situation. Stay strong, and consider your options.


How do I keep myself motivated to study? I lost all my motivation to study after receiving my MYE results.


It may seem patronising to say this, but don’t take the results too harshly. The MYEs are the Mid Year Examinations, not the End Of You. They function as a gauge for your current performance and knowledge, and are an estimate of your abilities. They are not death sentences, or stone commandments, and getting subpar results for the MYEs definitely does not spell doom for you.


At the gist of it, your MYE results should not be an obstacle, but rather an impetus for further effort from here on. If you did badly for the MYEs, you aren’t a failure, but you should be aware that there is definitely room for improvement. If you choose not to improve, then the level of effort you are putting in is enough. However, if you wish to improve, remember that though some hard work might not see results, no results are achieved without hard work. Is there something you missed while doing revision? Is there some inefficiency in your studying routine? Is there some way that you can improve your essay techniques? There are resources all around you, and friends, and teachers, all willing to help you in this path towards academic excellence.


That aside, if you’re really feeling it, take a break or two. Grades are not the pinnacle of your existence, and don’t need all your attention all the time. If you haven’t taken any time off recently to indulge yourself, you’re probably on the verge of burnout. Take two, break through, and come back to your studies freshly motivated!


People find motivation in different things. Some are motivated by their name on the Dean’s List, some are motivated by their friends’ success, while some study just to not fail. When you find your motivation, keep it in mind and push forward! Nothing beats knowing what you’re striving for when you’re struggling through the thick of it. Even when times are tough, and your efforts are only scratching the surface, you’ll always be reminded of what you’re working towards. Press on!

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