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Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)

Every month, The Origin* features 7-8 songs recommended by your fellow Eunoians and a personal recommendation from one of our members. Have a song to recommend? Fill in this form and your recommended song may be featured in Sick Beats! (Note: Songs are subject to review, and please recommend PG13 songs) To everyone who recommended a song, thank you for your contribution!

1. Momoland – BAAM

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Good for gyming, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Just like caffeine, ‘BAAM’ is an addictive ear worm. However, the tune seems to be rather run off the mill as it is very similar to other K Pop songs. 7/10.   


2. Wu Qing Feng – 蜂鸟 

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Mood booster, chill

(Suggested by Kaethe, 19-E3)

‘蜂鸟’ , or ‘hummingbird’, is an apt title for this song. Just as how hummingbirds are seen as bringers of joy in some cultures, Wu’s crisp voice brings us just that in this single. 8/10. 


3.Lauren Aquilina – King

Genre: Alternative, Indie

Helps to focus when studying, A dose of them feels, Mood booster, super encouraging

(Suggested by Kaethe, 19-E3)

The empowering and meaningful lyrics in this song are exactly what we need when we are feeling down. ‘King’ is truly an underrated charm. 8.5/10.  


4.Fromis_9 – LOVE BOMB

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Hype you up on a sleepy day, A dose of them feels, Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous) 

If SM entertainment made an anthem for their company, this would be it. With the signature high-pitched singing and fun sound effects in the song, along with an abrupt rapping section (which had a whole new beat which did not fit into the song nicely), it was nice to see some effort from the producers to distribute the lines evenly to the different members. 6/10. 


5.Polyphia (feat. Ichika) – Death Note

Genre: Rock, Progressive


(Suggested by Willy Tang, 18-U3)

This instrumental song is like a latte on a cold day – smooth and relaxing, and a great pick-me-up after a long day, or even just a song to study to. 8.5/10


6.Ed Sheeran (feat. Justin Bieber) – I Don’t Care

Genre: Pop

Mood Booster, Chill

(Suggested by Wen)

With a catchy beat and even-catchier lyrics, this song is sure to get you nodding along, even if you don’t know the lyrics. 8/10


7.Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t Have You

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels, Chill

(Suggested by Wen)

The song is crazy catchy with the extremely addictive chorus that repeats itself several times throughout the song, but it does not get old. The beat is uplifting and cheerful, and it makes you want to dance in your room quietly with earphones on at 2am in the morning. Warning: it may get stuck in your head, so listen with caution (especially with exams being just around the corner!). 9/10 


8.Avicii – Heaven

Genre: EDM

A dose of them feels, Chill, for everyone who misses Avicii

(Suggested by Anonymous) 

Contrasting to the catchy and bright melody accompanied by strong, impactful beats, the lyrics are bittersweet with a hint of melancholy. The meaning in the lyrics changes gradually as the song continues, with the beginning starting off with dark, ominous lyrics and ending off with lyrics which are hopeful and motivational. A lovely little song which will surely perk you up when you are having a bad day. 9/10


Bonus Recommendation: 


Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

Genre : Pop 

This song is sure to put you in the best of moods, and serves as a daily opinion to not let everyone else’s opinions get you down! 8/10


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