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Written By: Aloysius Tng (EJC Press), Ernest Tan (EJC Press), Beverly Tan (EJC Press), Wong Sean Yew (EJC Press)

Photographs by: EJC Media

Designed By: Jo Yeoul (EJC Press)


Observance Ceremony


the march ndp 2019 2

Photograph by: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)


National Day holds much significance to many in Singapore, and to Eunoians, it started with a magnificent parade which more than adequately honoured our nation’s birthday. On that day, the mood was noticeably festive and joyous, as spirited chatter filled the air. With many in the crowd recognising their friends and acquaintances decked in smart uniformed attire, cheers could be heard from all sections of the Grandstand. 


The uniforms formed a kaleidoscope of colours, recognising the diverse external Uniformed Group CCAs – St John Brigade Singapore, Red Cross, National Cadet Corps (Land, Sea, and Air), National Police Cadet Corps, Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade. They were led by Parade Commander Choy Wen Shao and Regimental Sergeant Major James Ong. Assisted by the fantastic music of the Symphonic Band, the uniformed groups marched in tandem to Stand Up for Singapore, a Singaporean classic. 


Owing to the occasion, the affirmation of the National Pledge and National Anthem also possessed a markedly different tone. The hoisting of both the nation and College flags by the Scouts and the resolute voices of all Parade participants encapsulated the sense of belonging, central to this year’s theme, Our Singapore. 


Well-coordinated and regimented, the execution of the Parade represented the time and effort that members of the Parade have invested. The Origin* would like to congratulate the Organising Committee and all participants on the successful parade, a testament to their dedication to their school and country.


Inter-House Games Highlights

house captain ihg 2019

Photograph by: Gwen Lim (EJC Media)


Held in conjunction with the National Day Celebrations, the Inter House Games did not fail to disappoint, as the Houses demonstrated their prowess and indefatigable spirit in some incredibly thrilling matches. Some of the most notable highlights were from Netball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Floorball and are described here:



Akila VS. Eder



Akila and Eder initially looked to be evenly matched, with well-coordinated assists by both sides. However, Eder led the game just after a few minutes at 1:4. Akila continued its attempt at a rebound, with players showing an admirable spirit of perseverance. However, Eder showed its sporting prowess, with players demonstrating a chemistry difficult to match. While Akila had considerable possession over the ball, Eder’s constant intercepts eventually turned the game to their advantage, ending the game with a formidable 7:17. 



Akila VS. Eder


Eder took the lead and the team worked like a well oiled war machine, with precise throws and coordinated spikes. Despite the missed throws and the times the ball landed in their court, Akila isn’t going down without a fight. Exciting. The ball nearly landed in the audience. The match ended with 23:14, kudos to Eder. 



Eder VS. Isami


Ultimate is a well-loved sport in EJC, and this final match between Eder and Isami did not fail to live up to expectations, with astounding plays made by players on both sides. It was certainly a spectacular match as frisbees were knocked out of the air and as players slid through the mud in last-ditch sliding tackles. However, despite the skill displayed by both teams, Eder turned out to be the more formidable opponent and emerged victorious. Congratulations! 



Akila VS. Eder


Floorball had a fiery match as Akila and Eder faced off in the hall. To spice things up, former floorball captain Cheang Jia Qing from Eder was against current captain Alvan Chan from Akila, making this match all the more intense. It was a back and forth between these two teams, with Akila scoring an amazing mid-air shot for the first goal of the game. However, Eder soon made a spectacular comeback with a shot from the blindside. The match tied, and the teams proceeded to a penalty shootout where Akila won the best of 5, emerging as the floorball champions.


Cheer and Dance

uzuri cheer and dance ihg 2019

Photograph by: Asher Tan (EJC Media)


After weeks of practising, twenty Eunoians from every house participated in a Cheer and Dance off. Akila wowed the audience with ‘Baby’ and ‘Girlfriend’ as they executed their moves smoothly and skillfully. Eder’s intricate and beautiful choreography to ‘I don’t like it, I love it’ and ‘Old Town Road’ was met with thunderous applause. Isami’s performance was electrifying, incorporating hits such as ‘Shoutout to my Ex’ and ‘Edge of Glory’. Ora’s Avatar-inspired skit interspersed with ‘Fergalicious’ and ‘Daddy’ were also entertaining, as most of the audience laughed and clapped along. Lastly, Uzuri ended the Cheer and Dance on a high note, performing to the Mean Girls version of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and the Mario soundtrack. Congratulations to Eder and Uzuri for their amazing win!


Hall Celebration 

corrinne may ndp performance 2019

Photograph by: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)


Corrinne May, a local singer-songwriter, stole the show with her melodious voice and excellent piano skills. Playing hit songs like ‘Journey’ and ‘Shelter’, Eunoians were captivated by her voice and began clapping along. In between songs, Corrinne May talked about her JC days in the Ghim Moh campus and the inspirations for her songs, which were interestingly gained from her experience overseas. Lastly, she sang 2010’s NDP Song – Song for Singapore, that Eunoians enthusiastically sang along to. 

eder and joseph schooling ihg 2019

Photograph by: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)


The cherry atop was an appearance made by famed national swimmer Joseph Schooling. Hoisting the trophy high, Schooling celebrated Eder’s triumph, sharing some parting words that described the camaraderie that only sportsmen could share. Enthralled by the prominent figure, Eunoians rushed to catch wefies with him.


joseph schooling selfie ihg 2019.JPG

Photograph by: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)


IHG was a resounding success, with all houses displaying strong house spirit. National Day is our nation’s birthday and a time to reflect upon how far we’ve come. The Origin wishes Singapore a very happy birthday! 

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