Bridging the Cultural Gap: The Memorandum

Written by: Zhao Keyang (19-I1)

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)


On 16 August 2019, Eunoia Junior College warmly welcomed principals from various schools in Chongqing, China for a visit. One of the principals is from Chongqing No.8 Secondary School (重庆第八中学校) and the main purpose of his visit is to sign a memorandum that will strengthen the relationship between Eunoia Junior College and Chongqing No.8 Secondary School. Generally considered to be one of the best schools in China, we are honoured by their willingness to form a partnership with us. This partnership will provide Eunoians with the opportunity to be more culturally intelligent and learn more as bi-cultural students because it guarantees a programme where Eunoians and students from the Chongqing No.8 Secondary School can interact and exchange ideas with each other. 


Students who are going on the year-end Chongqing Eunoia Global Orientation (Eunoia GO) trip, Chinese Language teachers and various school leaders of Eunoia were able to meet with some of the principals and have a conversation with them over lunch. We had a fruitful discussion about school life and curriculum in Singapore and Chongqing. On a lighter note, we chatted about the food Chongqing and Singapore have to offer.     


We showcased the trip videos that were created by the JC2 students who went on the Eunoia GO trip to Chongqing last year. Our principal, Mrs. Wong-Cheang Mei Heng, courageously gave a speech in Chinese and expressed sincere excitement at the prospect of a partnership. The principal from Chongqing No.8 Secondary School also gave a speech and spoke about how happy he is during his time spent in Singapore. He then proceeded to convey admiration towards the students and teachers of Eunoia, mentioning specifically how much he enjoyed the trip videos made by our seniors.     


The last event of the day was also the most important. The principals from both schools sat down at the table and signed the memorandum, forming an official partnership. I believe that there is a lot for us to gain from this agreement and look forward to meeting and interacting with our peers in Chongqing.  



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