Euphoria ’19: One Last Time

Written by: Aloysius Tng (19-U4), Alyssa Minjoot (19-I1), Athena Lim (19-A4) and Beverly Tan (19-E3)

Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)

Banner photograph by: Anselm Long (EJC Media)

On the 22nd of November 2019, the J1 Eunoians participated in Euphoria, ending off the year with a bang! This year’s Euphoria, organised by the 3rd Student Council, was a blast, bringing the J1s through the southern part of Singapore in an intense amazing race before culminating in a spectacular and energetic rave at Sentosa.

It seemed fitting that the year ended the same way it started, with an amazing race. The journey started at Haw Par Villa. Even despite the tiring trek up the hill and the harsh late morning sun, spirits were high as classes cheered their classmates along for the treasure hunt. Three people per class were sent to look high and low around the area for power-up cards for the amazing race. Each class was also given a set of three compulsory stations, along with a list of checkpoints with varying activities, ranging from taking class Boomerangs to buying drinks for construction workers. With everything set, all the classes set off for the amazing race.

euphoria 19 treasure hunt
Credit: Anselm Long (EJC Media)

The amazing race was reminiscent of the one that took place during orientation, bringing the J1s back to familiar locations like the Vivocity rooftop. This amazing race brought classes to landmarks such as the Alexandra Food Centre and many more, resulting in a fierce competition where everyone rushed from station to station in a race to win the games, collect as many points, and be the first one to reach Sentosa.

The class chairpersons were tasked with leading their classes to each station and played a major role in ensuring the amazing race was a success. Class chairman, Owen Tay (19-U1), felt that the amazing race was a great way to bring the class closer together as it gave them time to talk to each other and have fun as a class, an opportunity he felt they did not get very often due to different timetables and a hectic school life.

euphoria 19 class
Credit : Avigail Koh (EJC Media)

As the afternoon approached, classes began to make their way to Harbourfront, with some choosing to share lunch at the rooftop. Friends and classmates had a splashing good time in the shallow water, with some even bringing water guns to the table. The sea of colourful house tees gradually changed to black, as Eunoians changed into their Euphoria tees and started heading for Sentosa.

euphoria 19 water
Credit: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)

Everyone started to make their way towards Tanjong Beach on Sentosa, where the Student Council were busy preparing for the massive rave. However, before the rave began, there was the finale game! 5 classes were pitted against each other to defend their class card by hiding them in sandcastles, while also digging up other classes’ cards. This led to many creative measures being taken, with some classes burying their classmates in the sand to protect the card! Congratulations to 19-A2 for clinching first place with a whooping 11900 points overall from the amazing race and finale games!

euphoria 19 war games photo
Credit: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)

What is a great party without amazing music? Kicking off the rave, the N Band performed some of their classic hits, like ‘Sucker’ by the Jonas Brothers and a rock version of our college anthem, which did not fail to disappoint. Next, Dheekshitha and Andrea performed a wonderful pop song mashup, consisting of favourites like ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran. Our final performers were Joly and Gaston, who sang spellbinding renditions of Ariana Grande’s ‘One Last Time’ and OneRepublic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’ respectively, before concluding with a powerful mashup of two Imagine Dragons songs – ‘Believer’ and ‘Radioactive’, that earned a resounding applause and yells of ‘encore’ from the audience.

euphoria 19 n band photo
Credit: Avigail Koh (EJC Media)
euphoria 19 dheekshitha and andrea photo
Credit: Gwen Lim (EJC Media)

Resident DJ Noah (some of you may know him as one of the N Band keyboardists) also hyped the crowd up with his incredible and enthusiastic self-made mix.

euphoria 19 rave
Credit: Lee Shao Yeap (EJC Media)

Glow sticks were handed out as day faded to night. Some chose to wear them as necklaces, some stuck them in their hair, and some simply waved them around as they raved. Excitement filled the air and the atmosphere was absolutely electric, as everyone raved and sang their hearts out. However, Euphoria 2019 eventually came to a close, and everyone was ushered out of the area as friends hurried to pack up and snap their last few photos together.

Of course, Euphoria would not be a reality without the organising committee working behind the scenes. To Toh Ling, the Euphoria overall IC, planning Euphoria was “a crazy rollercoaster ride” as last minute changes to the programme and logistics had to be made. When asked about their favorite part of planning Euphoria, both Toh Ling and her co-IC, Vong Ngoc Tram Anh, cited watching the Euphoria team growing together. “Euphoria would not have happened without anyone in the (Euphoria planning) team and the fact that no matter what, we share the common goal of making Euphoria a unique and meaningful experience for the cohort drives us forward to put aside our differences and really help one another along the way,” Tram Anh shared. Thank you to the Euphoria team and Student Council for organising such an exhilarating event!

With Euphoria marking the end of an extremely hectic school year, we at The Origin* hope that everyone had a fruitful year, and would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday ahead!

P.S. we’re still posting articles during the December holidays, so stay tuned for more updates via our Instagram page!

2019.11.22 press euphoria photo

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