Our Interview with: EJ Chick

Written by: Lee Keng Yan (19-U1), Aloysius Tng (19-U4)

Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)

While we Eunoians prepare for the big move to our new Bishan campus, we must acknowledge an irreplaceable member of our EJ community whom we will be leaving behind in Ghim Moh.

This significant being is the EJ Chick(en).

No longer will we hear its cries in the morning when we try to catch a couple minutes sleep before school starts, and gone are the days where we fear getting viciously pecked whenever we walk out the front gate. The chicken has been in Eunoia longer than all of us and has been a constant in our school ever since the first batch of Eunoians came in, but come next year, we say our tearful goodbyes to this majestic creature as we settle into our new campus. 

But before we leave, The Origin* seeks to learn more about this magnificent beast. Curious reporters Aloysius Tng and Lee Keng Yan chase this elusive chicken in an attempt to interview it and share its thoughts to our fellow Eunoians.

Our first attempt to meet the chicken was met with failure. After searching the grassy patch at the front gate and the backwater that was the area behind F block for a full hour, we were still unable to catch a glimpse of the chicken. We asked the security guard at the front gate and one of the cleaners if they had recently seen the chicken, but both replied that they had not seen the chicken over the past few days. Dejected, we decided to cut short our chase and resume our search the next day.

Our second attempt drew, thankfully, promising results. While searching in the same areas, we managed to catch sight of the chicken, and rushed to get our interview. Unfortunately, it was on the opposite side of the fence, and to our surprise high up in the trees. Despite our fervent attempts to coax it down by throwing grains of rice in the air, it remained adamant in staying up there. As we ended our hunt for the day, we could feel its piercing gaze on us, weighing our countenances.

As the saying goes, third times a charm, and on our search, the following day, we were blessed with the EJ Chick’s presence behind the F-Block. We approached it carefully, and slowly, fearing that we would demonstrate some form of aggression, and scare it away. Thankfully, it must have been acclimatised to human presence as we were able to get close to it to conduct our interview. 

Word of caution, translation of the chicken’s clucks may not be 100% accurate.

chicken article image.jpg

Above: Example of one of the rough translations.

Tell us more about yourself.

[I am Edmond, a chicken who roams. I settled in this community 3 years ago, when my heart was stolen by the most magnificent hen you would ever know. I crow every morning to signal the continuation of my chase for her. In my spare time, I learn the ukulele*, and race earthworms.]

*Note: Chicken-speak cluck for “practice singing” sounds very similar to “learning the ukulele”.

What is the most memorable experience you had in this school?

[I was once fed rice by some students. It tasted pretty bad, despite their smiles. They laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen.

I took parts of their pants after that.]

What is it that you will miss about this school?

[A captive audience for my ballads. If my love will not hear me, you all will.]

How does it feel to be a chicken in a school of students?

[I am unchained. Free. They cannot stop me.

What are they going to do, cook me?]

Any last words to the students?

[Wait, and hope. That is all humans can do while watching for our deaths.

Take care of your new metal child**. Properly.]

*Note: The chicken-cluck for “new metal child” has a double meaning for “your fibre parts”, hence we can also assume that he is expressing concern for our clothing. But do take care of your new metal child as well.

And that concludes our interview with the EJ Chicken! It was certainly a unique experience for our two curious reporters as it was the first time coming so close to the EJ chicken, a creature most of us have only seen from afar. Come next year at our Bishan campus, you can definitely hope to hear from us soon as we explore the wildlife at school and the surrounding Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!

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