Ya (You)-Know-Your CCAs?

J1s, you’re probably wondering “which CCA should I choose?” Eunoia boosts a myriad of CCAs, and is home to numerous clubs and societies, sports, and aesthetics CCAs, all of which are for your choosing! With CCA Carnival approaching on the 7th of February, you may be scrambling to decide which CCA to join. Frankly, that’s a tough decision, as there are simply too many to choose from. But fret not, here’s a full list of all available CCAs and student interest groups in EJ! 

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Not All Heroes Wear Crepes

“We need SOME MORE FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS”, said every Eunoian ever. Or maybe just a trio of connoisseurs already tired of the 7 canteen stalls in school. Don’t get us wrong though – we love the canteen, but sometimes we just need MORE FOOD. In this article, we’ll be introducing you to some nearby foodie picks!

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You and Your Subject Combination

“Should I take Arts or Science? Or what about Hybrid . . . ” 

Deciding on one’s subject combination is one of the toughest decisions a JC student will have to make. Hopefully, ‘You and Your Subject Combination’, our article on subject combinations and subjects Eunoia has to offer will help you better weigh the Marginal Private Benefits (MPB) and Marginal Private Costs (MPC) of your decisions.

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