Open the Doors: EJC Open House 2020

Written by Li Xin Rong (19-I4), Clarence Sim (19-A6), Ernest Tan (19-E6)

Designed by Athena Lim (19-A4)

It is not every day that we get to see the different activities in action but having seen all of them in a single day was a breathtaking experience. 

Eunoia Junior College welcomed its visitors to its new Bishan campus on 15 January 2019. Three Introverted Press Reporters (The TIPR, if you will), were tasked by the Executive Committee to cover the Open House and write an ‘informal article’. They did not know what that meant, but interpreted it to mean initiating an awkward conversation with the people manning each booth – something they would otherwise never have done. But they are proud to say that they learnt a lot about each CCA, Interest Group, and the Eunoia Global Orientation Programme. They also hope prospective J1s can also get a better idea of what makes Eunoia – well, Eunoia.


Here are some records of (read: some semblance of) their social interaction. Here they go!


Co-Curricular Activities

Clubs and Societies


What better CCA to start with than Press? Rest assured that this entry is not self-aggrandising – well, not entirely, at least. EJC Press publishes the official online student publication, The Origin* (this very website!). Established in 2017, EJC Press aims to represent the student voice. With displays of sample articles and designs at the Press booth, it was looking really dope. Aloysius Tng (19-U4), Editor-in-chief of EJC Press emphasised the creative freedom accorded in Press (“write almost whatever you want!”), and it was also heartening to see the daring social commentaries and advocacy pieces being displayed prominently at the booth.


Computing and Robotics

Unquestionably the technology experts, each member of this CCA  gets to choose between three tracks: Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Mobile and Website development. It need not be daunting to venture into the world of coding, data and more if you are someone who welcomes challenges and opportunities to learn. So, actively join the various competitions, be enthusiastic, and achieve new heights!


Debate Society

The CCA with the gift of the gab. Nicole Lim (19-O2), President of the Eunoia Debate Society, was welcoming some students when we visited the booth. She talked about the different competitions members go for, including the British Parliamentary Debate and the Asian Parliamentary Debate. Don’t be daunted if you do not have experience though. Nicole mentioned that as long as you have an interest in debate, experience is not a prerequisite. There are also weekly current affairs content lectures which can do wonders in aiding you in your General Paper.



This green-friendly club is all about environmental consciousness, and you will get to learn farming techniques, such as keeping a potted plant of your own! (How about owning your very own Class plant?) Besides farming, the booth members told us that members advocate individual responsibility to take care of the environment, lest climate change changes our lives forever. An example was a CCA trip to a kindergarten to impart environmental messages to the young kids. Environment Club wishes for sustainable projects to be carried out, and would love to hear about your initiatives!


Library Club

The guardians of the two-tier Library featured on Channel NewsAsia – the Media Resource Library Club! We interviewed Yuki Ng (19-E6), Vice-President of the Media Resource Library Club. She mentioned library counter duty, arranging books and participating in creative writing competitions as core tenets of the Library CCA. She also mentioned other interesting activities such as collaborative writing projects with Press (a big thank you to Library Club for promoting us! :)) and even the designing of the floor plan of the new library. To anyone interested in joining the Library Club, Yuki advises that you have a love for reading, writing and the pursuit of knowledge.



Media is a large family with 4 modules: Photography, Videography, Audio Visual (AV) and Design. Media members form the backbone of our school-wide events – thanks to them, we are able to relive iconic moments in EJ’s history and capture the happy memories we made. Service-oriented and conscientious mindsets are important here, whether be it for being attuned to the speakers’ needs, communication skills with the other AV members, or service learning. On the fun side, Media’s seniors have begun teaching their juniors how to DJ! 



An amalgamation of the innovative spirit of a club with the physical demands of any sport, ODAC is indeed a place of adventure and fun. As a family, they go on leisure expeditions to overnight camping grounds like Sarimbun Camp and physical trails. These provide ample moments for genuine bonding and friendship between like-minded people within this CCA. Simply step out of your comfort zone and achieve your fitness goals, even if you do not have a sports background, one booth member enthusiastically explained to us. ODAC values teamwork, open-mindedness, friendliness, optimism and perseverance, and provides the opportunities for its members to all grow together. 


Service Learning Club

We were excited to visit the Service Learning Club (SLC) booth, as we had heard a lot about their meaningful community projects. We were impressed by the multitude of causes that the SLC was involved in – from animal welfare to mental health (Project Harika). Sophie Wun (19-E6), Vice-President of SLC, described the CCA’s core values as Passion and Unity. When asked to identify skills that would be beneficial for SLC members, she surprised us by telling us about adaptability and dealing with unexpected situations. We previously thought it would mostly be organisational skills, given their many planned initiatives. Cool!


Visual Arts

What a feast for the eyes! The booth for Visual Arts displayed beautiful art pieces on the wall – a sight straight from a museum. Visual Arts members manning the booth enthusiastically explained to us the various mediums that members use, from acrylic painting to stamp carving. They also aim to bring art to the school community and appreciate it regardless of form. The members emphasised versatility and determination as core values in their Visual Arts journey.


Performing Arts


Next, we had a look at Choir! We interviewed Desmond Lim (19-O5), and found out more about what they do in the CCA (other than obviously singing). Desmond described the choir as a versatile group, covering a repertoire of jazz, pop and even classic English songs. He also told us about the vigorous intensity of training nearing events, but emphasised the value of ‘family’ in choir. He described the choir as bonded and friendly with each other, though they are also disciplined in upholding the highest musical standards.


Chinese Orchestra

Members were proudly showcasing the liuqin, pipa, and erhu when we visited the booth. Le-Anne Ong (19-A1), President of Chinese Orchestra, told us that CO music is often misunderstood but is actually a beautiful form of music. She mentioned the versatility of the instruments, and like the other musical arts CCAs, emphasised that they can also play a wide range of musical genres. She highlighted teamwork and coordination as important skills in the orchestra. 



Are you an aspiring playwright, director or actor? If so, you might want to join Drama! The passionate members manning the booth gave us a unique perspective into the art of theatre. They explained to us how drama can foster empathy because it requires you to consider different perspectives (“Nuance,” as your GP Tutor would say). For the uninitiated, fear not as most members starting out also had no drama experience. You’ll learn along the way!



Ah, Dance! Whether we see them exhibiting their graceful moves, or moving with boundless energy and speed, the members of Dance CCA explore many forms of dancing.  Passion is at the core of this CCA, and there are many opportunities for bonding sessions within the family. Discipline and punctuality are of utmost importance, as well as the commitment to ensure one’s performance-ready condition. Again, do not fear if you are a beginner dancer, the basics will be taught to you here. As one of the members told us, “Passion gets you a long way!” 


Performance Segment: We also had an opportunity to enjoy their dance performance, and were thoroughly impressed by their skillful and poised moves! It was an apt testament to their hard work, and we couldn’t be prouder! 


Symphonic Band

We interviewed some members at the counter, and they were passionate in explaining how Band was open to both experienced and inexperienced members. Apparently, new players can achieve significant progress within a year, so if you’re inexperienced, fear not! There is also a strong support system and focus on mutual cooperation, so you will be well-supported in your growth as a new member of the Band. Like Choir, they play a wide variety of genres like pop and classical, so you’ll have a blast!


Performance Segment: We were walking around casually when we heard some ethereal melodies played by the Symphonic Band! The audience were captivated by the rendition of the OST from noted Japanese anime film, Your Name and a Mayday Medley (Mayday is a Taiwanese that debuted in 1999).



Now, moving on to the Sport CCAs! 



In Basketball, you reach greater heights (literally) every day. Apparently, some didn’t even have prior experience in a sports CCA when they joined – but they still do fine! According to a member we interviewed, it’s the perfect place to “challenge yourself, learn about yourself, and truly develop a growth mindset”!



Badminton is truly a fascinating sport, staking a claim to be the ‘world’s fastest racket sport’. Badminton as a CCA seems to be a very welcoming place. Members present at the booth were passionately talking about their training sessions, including practice matches and drills. While not populated with experienced players, this CCA provides a valuable opportunity for you to be a trailblazing force. Anyone who has “passion, discipline and drive” is encouraged to join.



A very bonded family who recently won their inaugural championship title, the floorballers have brotherhood at the core of their CCA. With the help of highly-supportive teachers, the fraternity works together and plays together. It is the will, not the skills, that defines these chaps.



The defending champions are passionate about their sport and are a great team for new friendships and experiences. Although tiring, rigorous training is also an outlet to vent frustration and relieve stress from school life. Their determination, resilience and moral strength enable them to overcome the challenges they face together. Teamwork is certainly at the heart of this team who aims to improve together.



Introducing the Netballers, who scale both physical and competitive heights at once! Netball is described as a home, where the members look out for one another and constantly spur each other on. Despite their differences in prior experiences, they have each others’ backs whether on or off the court. Netball members both work hard and play hard, and discipline is one of their core values. J1s, here is some advice for you: Just come for the trials; don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!



Strolling over to the Squash booth, we soon discovered that what seemed like a display of colourful circles was an aiming range with different levels of difficulty– how innovative! Squash is a place where one takes up challenges and explores new things. Despite initially having quite a few who were new to the sport, they were in safe hands due to the shared training sessions and fun experiences. As with any other sport, new members will get better with time. Perseverance, sportsmanship, respect and teamwork are values Squash holds at its core. Competitions are the time to challenge one’s limits, and also show respect to one’s opponents.



Upon asking what Softball meant to them, the two members manning the booth at that time responded “Family!” without hesitation. Softball’s CCA culture was described in lively terms: “Fun, noisy and colourful”, pointing to the different people, personalities and background of Softball members. Training and ‘suffering’ together makes their experiences valuable and many fond memories are formed. Of the current J2s, almost half the team had not played softball before JC, which is also testimony to the amount of hard work they put in!



One of the Tennis booth members explained to us how inclusivity is one of its hallmark points, since everyone comes from different backgrounds. It is not usually an everyday sport activity one would play during leisure time, hence commitment is needed for self-improvement of one’s techniques. However, one’s discipline and hardwork is always proportionate to the outcome!


Table Tennis

Did you know that table tennis is one of the fastest ball games, with the ball capable of reaching 100km/h? As a family, they bond through their training and passion. Most table tennis players were able to pick up the sport within a few months, even if they had not known the sport earlier on. Teamwork and perseverance are also held as their core values.


Ultimate Frisbee

‘Work hard, have fun.’ This is a simple phrase that was used to summarise the essence of Ultimate Frisbee. Despite the two being rather distinct, Ultimate integrates them. Whether you love the blaze of the sun or the exhilaration of the high-intensity sport, this is the place for you. To aspiring juniors who want to join: just have passion and drive!



“Wholesome” was a word that became a constant during our conversation with the members there. Volleyball members emphasised the bonded nature of the CCA, and gave us many anecdotes of their tough matches. While not all of their tough matches culminate in inspiring success stories, they continue to keep up the good fight! 


Eunoia Global Orientation Programme (Eunoia GO)

We also had the opportunity to look at the Eunoia GO booths, and were surprised at the various opportunities that were available in EJC. Destinations included South Korea, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam! Whether you’re interested in Service Learning, Outdoor Sports or the Humanities, there’s always a trip for you! We were heartened to hear the Trip Members’ Presentations and Reflections, which ranged from sharing about character and service to entrepreneurship and global affairs. 


Student-Initiated Interest Group

Although there are many diverse Student-Initiated Interest Groups in EJC, we regrettably could only find one SIIG booth, the Eunoia Strategic Affairs Society. Don’t worry if you are interested in joining an SIIG – SIIGs will set up booths during CCA Showcase! 


Eunoia Strategic Affairs Society

SIIGs are usually less taxing in terms of commitment – but the enthusiasm of members at the booth shone through. For this one, they have their trainings fortnightly. There were many interesting things at this booth. A row of gavels, and many pictures of members in their smart attire at Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences. We interviewed Roan Ng (19-E3), and found out that they focus on the study of international affairs. They also have long-term self-development goals like improving oratorical skills and confidence.


Student Council

Student Council is an official Co-Curricular Activity with stipulated hours but yet they have to contend with various extra sessions, some during weekends! It’s also undoubtedly why Student Council is known as one of the most taxing CCAs! They plan events, contribute to school culture and care about student welfare. If you are passionate about contributing to the College, for your batchmates and future juniors to come, be sure to consider the Student Council!


Finale: The day ended off with a bang, with Student Councillors leading Eunoians in a mass College Dance. It was a truly amazing sight, seeing the various Eunoians – in different coloured T-shirts, different CCAs and Interest Groups – coming together to perform the invigorating Dance. It was certainly a wonderful finale that concluded Open House and encapsulated the kaleidoscope that makes Eunoia what it is. 


So that’s the end! Our day ended with our eyes opened and our hearts full as we appreciated the vast diversity of the various CCAs, SIIGs, Eunoia Global Orientation Programmes in Eunoia Junior College. It is not every day that we get to see the different activities in action but having seen all of them in a single day was a breathtaking experience.

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