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For this month’s Sick Beats article, we decided to do something a little special – have a list of Valentine’s Day inspired song recommendations, fresh from our writers’ Spotify playlists. We hope you enjoyed reading this article! 


As always, if you wish to recommend songs, the link is right here!




大泫 –  静悄悄

Genre: Asian Pop

静悄悄 (means silently in Chinese) is a highly addictive tune that speaks of loving someone so much but expressing your love silently, which may sound awfully relatable to some of you but I shan’t digress. Despite its simple and soft EDM beats, the song is chock full of emotion and may possibly result in tears. 


Wacci – Kirameki

Genre: Asian Pop

Wacci’s vocals are crisp and pleasant to listen to, which is a huge plus. Kirameki’s lyrics are bound to awaken your inner romantic (‘And the sakura flowers at the arch we used to frequent makes me feel like we could return to the past, even though they’re now tinted in orange’ anyone?). Fun fact: Kirameki is the first ending theme of the popular anime ‘Your Lie in April’.


ieuan – Honey Lavender 

Genre: Pop

What started initially as just a recommended video with a pretty lavender thumbnail soon became an obsession of mine as I found myself replaying this song over and over again, but never got sick of it. Along with the singer’s smooth and sweet singing voice, the little hook in the song is sure to capture your attention and get your heart racing as you immerse yourself in a scenario of falling in love with your crush as both of you dance the night away in a purple field of lavender blossoms. 


MAX (feat. Quinn XCII) – Love Me Less 

Genre: Pop

Would you be able to fall in love with someone who has a whole list of ex-lovers and heart breaks recorded in their diaries? This song speaks of a boy who wants to fall in love with a girl and leave all his past experiences behind, but is hindered by bad memories and relationships. Contrasting with the rather bitter-sweet lyrics, the upbeat melody and catchy beat is sure to make your heart feel a little warm and tingly. 


Lauv –  Feelings

Genre: Pop

If you’re feeling rather lonely this Valentine’s but still have your eye on someone special, this song is perfect for you. Lauv’s smooth and raspy tone accompanied with his genuine and heartfelt lyrics make this song a definite must listen. 


Anna Clendening – Invisible

Genre: Pop

This is the song for those who feel that their beloved is far out of reach, perfect for those slow nights after school, where you find yourself contemplating your life choices on the journey home. Its slow tempo and relatively uncomplicated harmony has made this my go-to song for a while, allowing you to soak in its relatable lyrics.


Chris Wallace – Remember When

Genre: Pop

An incredibly nostalgic song reminiscing about the sweet memories of a past relationship, which is probably a very relatable topic for many, even for friendships. Stories of mischief, and the exhilaration behind it all – you’ll probably find yourself humming along to this song, with its catchy tune and lyrics.


Owl City – Rainbow Veins

Genre: Pop

Arguably a debatable choice, with lyrics which are open to interpretation. However, its vibrant imagery and upbeat hides its melancholic lyrics, looking back on a bittersweet relationship, tinged with both hope yet hindsight about how it ended. Unsurprisingly, it’s easy to lose yourself in the cheerful and occasionally dreamy tune – truly a fun song to jam to.


Elton John/Taron Egerton – Your Song 

Genre: Pop 

While easily labelled as a song from your parents’ era, it is definitely not one to miss. It is a simple and heartfelt song that offers a fresh and naive outlook on experiencing love for the first time. Originally sung by the legendary Sir Elton John, it was beautifully performed by Taron Egerton in Rocketman, a biopic about Elton John’s life. Though different in vocals, both singers’ renditions are worth listening to.

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