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Designed by: Jo Yeoul (19-A2)

Vent your problems to Agony Aunt Agatha here! Thank you for your submissions!


I find it kind of unfair in the way the people in the orientation committee were selected, where most of them were student leaders. In addition, some of them didn’t pass the promotional criteria and some are even advanced. What’s the point of setting the condition of passing the promotional criteria as a rule and forgoing it just like that? As a person who applied for orientation committee, passed the promotional criteria but got rejected, seeing someone who got advanced (but got selected because he is a student leader) is deeply upsetting. 


Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the results of the orientation committee selection. To ensure that your question is answered with the highest level of accuracy possible, we got in touch with the Orientation teacher ICs, Mr Justin Lim and Ms Sandra Chan, to tell you a bit more about the selection process. Here’s what they had to say :


“Thank you for your feedback regarding this issue. The selection of our Orientation leaders consists of a group interview with Council teachers and Orientation Exco members, collection of tutors’ feedback, and meeting the official promotion criteria as a measure of the ability to manage academic rigour. Some students who marginally missed the promotion criteria made an appeal. After further consideration and feedback from subject tutors, we made only one exception to accede to one student’s appeal. Based on this criteria, others in a similar position would not have succeeded in an appeal, even if they wanted to submit one.


Besides Orientation leaders selected through this process, all Student Councillors are in the Orientation committee as part of their CCA duties, regardless of their academic status.


We hope this clarifies any existing doubt about our selection process. We thank you again for your feedback as we constantly seek to improve our processes.”


There you have it. We hope this will clear up any misunderstandings you have about the selection process and provide you with some closure to the issue. Also, while being an OGL is a great way to welcome our juniors, there are certainly other ways in which you can contribute as well. Being an approachable senior at your CCA, participating in Human Library sharing sessions, House activities and other college events are all ways in which we can shape the school culture together.


I don’t know what I want in life. Most people around me have a rough idea of what university degree or career they want to pursue and are going for internships and chasing their dreams. I feel very lost and I don’t know what to do, I don’t even know where to start. 


Do not fear, do not panic! Everyone takes different amounts of time to find out what they truly want to do in life. Even we are often clueless about Agony Aunt Agatha’s future. So, be more patient with yourself. Take your own pace to find out more about yourself. 


To do so, we recommend that you expose yourself to a more diverse range of interests to find out what you truly like. You need to find out what your interests are and what careers will be more enjoyable for you. 


Firstly, you can try going on to the ECG Portal to find out about your jobs out there. The portal also helps you narrow down these jobs that fit your interests. 


To find out about these interests, you should also keep a lookout for events like career talks, workshops and other activities that intrigue you. The school offers many of these opportunities, so do check your email for updates! Lastly, you can consider talking to your teachers, parents or adults who may help you understand how a career in particular fields are like.

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