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Designed by: Athena Lim (19-A4)


Is your playlist getting mundane? Here are some song recommendations from fellow Eunoians, some reviews and a bonus song recommendation from the Sick Beats team. If you wish to submit your song recommendation, click here! Thank you to everyone who sent in song recommendations and we look forward to reviewing more in next month’s Sick Beats.


Lana Del Rey – Looking For America

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Helps to focus when studying, A dose of them feels, Chill, personally it helps me calm down when i’m stressed and helps me get to sleep faster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

‘Looking for America’ is calm and wistful and the lyrics are our favourite part of the song as it wonderfully juxtaposes the singer’s idealistic hopes of peace against the harsh reality she lives in. May America one day be a country “One without the gun, where the flag can freely fly”. 9/10. 


Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus – Don’t Call Me Angel

Genre: Pop

Hype you up on a sleepy day

(Suggested by Anonymous)

As rare as it is to see these three artists working together to create one song, this song really managed to capture each individual artist’s different and vibrant colours in a rhythmic, catchy and empowering way. If a sassy attitude was ever personified, this would be his or her go-to anthem. 8.5/10.  


Sachin-Jigar, Mika Singh, Nikhita Gandhi, Benny Dayal – Sanedo

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.), Filmi, Bollywood

Hype you up on a sleepy day, Mood Booster, Party / Rave

(Suggested by Roan Ng, 19-E3)

Although I personally could not understand what the lyrics were about, the music video and the catchy beats in the instrumentals were still effective in drawing in my attention and making me listen to the full song. It did not appeal greatly to my personal taste however, but I still found it to be a light, charming little song. A heavily biased 7.8/10.  


Joji, Jackson Wang, Swae Lee, Major Lazer – Walking

Genre: Pop

Mood Booster, Chill

(Suggested by Anonymous)

The moment the first melodies of the song flowed through my earphones, something in me instinctively screamed, “88rising!”. The soft yet distinct beats paired with lofi vibes, along with the bittersweet lyrics which all came together in a ridiculously harmonious way, this song really turned my night time into a sad-girl hour for 2 minutes and 51 seconds straight. 9.8/10.   


Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Anonymous)

This 2012 hit presents vulnerabilities and emotions that come along after a failed relationship, encapsulated in Mars’ smooth vocals and soulful lyrics. We suggest that you prepare some tissues as you listen. 8/10. 


BTS (Jin) – Epiphany

Genre: Asian Pop (KPop, JPop, CPop etc.)

Mood Booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Besides Jin’s mesmerising voice, the inspiring lyrics about loving yourself before loving others (“I’m the one I should love in this world”) make this song one of those tunes we think everyone should have in their playlist. This is a solid and unbiased 9/10. 


The 1975 – Frail State of Mind

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Helps to focus when studying, Mood Booster, Chill, helps with my anxiety

(Suggested by Anonymous)

The beat and melody was nothing like I have ever heard before. I could not help but be mesmerized as I started to zone out and focus only on the song. With the lyrics being sung in a withdrawn and distant manner, it evoked a slight sense of loneliness and unknown nostalgia as I thought back of the day when my prom date was elected as Prom King and he could not bring me home as the popular cheerleaders invited him to their party, which resulted in me walking back home alone and barefoot, my high heels dangling in my right hand . . . Wait, what? 8.5/10. 


JP Saxe, Julia Michaels – If the World Was Ending

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Anonymous)

If it was ever possible to make someone miss their past lover whom they have lost due to unspeakable events, this song would be it. The pure desperation for that familiar comfort of their exes were portrayed in such a sensitive and raw manner by both artists that it left my heart aching for a tragic love story that did not even take place. This is perfect background music for those days when you just want to feel a little moody as you watch raindrops race down your glass window. 9/10. 


Bonus recommendation:

Florina – Va Va Vis

Genre: French Pop

A dose of them feels, Chill 

As someone has said in the past, there really are no boundaries in language when it comes to music. Despite this song being an introductory song to my current obsession with foreign pop, I still find myself returning to this familiar tune, and even singing some parts of the song along. So go on, go, and live on – and don’t forget to smile along the way . . . Va va vis! 9.5/10, heavily recommended.

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