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I’m a rather shy and introverted person and I’m not fitting in very well in my class. I fear that I will not be able to integrate well, ultimately affecting my JC experience. What should I do to better adapt into this new environment?


Firstly, I would like to reassure you by saying that this is just the first few months with your class so please don’t stress yourself out too much. Along the way, there will be many opportunities to interact with the people in your class so do have an open mind when participating in school or house initiated activities, like House Signature Events and Euphoria if there is an improvement in the COVID-19 situation. On the bright side, you have more time to interact with your classmates since interactions with other classes have been cut down. Besides face to face contact, you can utilise social media or other channels of communication to talk to your classmates. 

One way to integrate yourself is to take the extra step and initiate conversations with your classmates, a possible conversation starter could be asking what the homework of the day is. You can try sitting with your class during your breaks. Coming into a JC can be overwhelming at the start, but take comfort in the knowledge that things will get better. Don’t feel too intimidated when you are surrounded by new people because you’re definitely not alone. 

I myself am rather soft spoken so I definitely understand the struggle of integrating into my class but fortunately I found that my classmates were understanding and warm individuals who made JC life more tolerable. Going through tough times together and having similar struggles will create stronger bonds as a class. From one introvert to another, I have absolute faith that your situation will get better! 


I think I have a crush on my OGL but I heard he’s dating someone, so it’s a no go and I want to get over my feelings asap. How do I do that?😩 


Hello! Thank you for sending in this question. This is a quintessential question amid the whirlwind of a journey known as JC.

JC is the start of many new things for many of us. Getting quickly infatuated with someone is one of them. You’re definitely not the only one to have an infatuation on someone unavailable! While it is a bummer that he’s not available, it’s great that you respect boundaries. I do sympathise with you! 

For starters, you can try expanding your social circle of friends. Friendships can be as rewarding as relationships. The more well-developed your friendships are, the more fulfilled you will feel. This could help you to get over the infatuation. Remember, there is nothing wrong with liking someone and not getting over it immediately. It is completely natural for all of us. Yet, it is important not to get bogged down by thinking about it and fixating over it. Brooding over this “lost chance” might even hinder your opportunities to meet “the one” who awaits in the future, whom you may not find during JC at all! Did you know that millennials are marrying at later ages than previous generations? It’s because many express the desire to be the best versions of themselves when they commit to marriage. Thus, you can do some mini-introspection on why you like him. In this process, you will discover more about yourself, your priorities and needs. It would be good to take your time to know yourself before committing to a relationship!

There might also be peer pressure to start dating or liking someone. And the thrill of unrequited love sometimes baffles us all as much as it tantalizes us, doesn’t it? On a more serious note, peer pressure sometimes creates unrealistic expectations for us. Don’t feel the need to conform to it; be free and happy with your life! Most importantly, don’t let this experience bog you down for the rest of the year.

Navigating JC definitely isn’t easy at times. On top of balancing school work and CCA commitments with getting enough rest, forging new relationships with others can be confusing. Do try to keep your life on track by keeping yourself healthy and happy. You might gain new perspectives on love and life after overcoming this hurdle. 

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