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Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)


Are you moaning and groaning at home due to cabin fever? Fret not, the song recommendations for May 2020 are here! From upbeat pop to calming soul, there’s definitely something to beat your Lockdown Blues! If you want to recommend some songs, check out this link! Check here for more songs! 🙂


Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Genre: Disco/Funk

Mood booster, Party/Rave. 

(Suggested by Gerald Oh, 19-I4)

If I had to summarise this song’s vibe, I would say that it reminds me of the song “September 21”. With a groovy and funky tone, this song makes you want to party no matter where you are. Although it won’t hype you up like EDM, feel free to enjoy this song if you just want a song to jam to in your free time. 7/10


Bebe Rexha – You can’t stop the girl

Genre: Pop

Mood booster. 

(Suggested by Anonymous)

The unique vocals were the first thing that captured my attention, and it really gave this song incredible depth. Combined with its upbeat and positive message, this song can motivate just about anyone who is feeling a little down in the dumps. Need some motivation to keep you going? Then, check this song out! 8/10


Deafheaven – Near

Genre: Indie, Rock


(Suggested by Anonymous)

With sweeping, atmospheric instrumentals and airy vocals, this song is dreamily wistful – perfect for relaxing or contemplating mysteries of the universe. Bring some cool, autumnal vibes to your playlist by giving this a listen. Great motivational studying music, too, for those times when you ask “Can I rest for a while?” 8.5/10


Halsey – Roman Holiday

Genre: Synth-pop

A dose of them feels

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Not to be confused with the song of the same name by Nicki Minaj, Roman Holiday conveys all the emotion and escapism of young love. Lush waves of synth and Halsey’s raw, soulful vocals work in tandem to evoke feelings of nostalgia, summer nights and neon-lit highways. Best played during quiet drives alone, or solitary jam sessions (for those of us who are unlicensed). 8/10


Conan Gray – Crush Culture

Genre: Pop

A dose of them feels, chill

(Suggested by Anonymous)

With dreamy vocals, Conan Gray talks about the issues and unrealisticness of crushes. This is a song many can relate to. After all, who hasn’t had a crush at some point in their life? A go-to song to listen to late at night when you’re feeling sad, this song would also be great background music when studying due to the chill vibes the song gives off. 8/10


Grace Vanderwaal – I don’t know my name

Genre: Soul

A dose of them feels, Mood booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

Originally performed on America’s Got Talent, this song describes the exploration of Grace Vanderwaal’s identity and her trying to find her way in life. With a relatively upbeat tune being played on a ukulele that is accompanied by a raspy and soulful voice that is unique to Grace Vanderwaal, this is the kind of song that would be perfect to jam along to, be it by yourself or with friends. 7/10


AJR – Bud Like You

Genre: Pop

Mood booster, Party

(Suggested by Anonymous)

AJR’s “Bud Like You” describes someone’s relationship with his best friend and the trust they have between them to make it through difficult and sticky situations together. This song is perfect if you are with your friends (online!) and you want to have a fun campfire feel to the gathering, as well as to sing along with your friends.  9/10


Alanis Morissette / Cast of Jagged Little Pill – All I Really Want 

Genre: Musicals/Pop

Mood booster

(Suggested by Anonymous)

“All I Really Want” describes a need to vent anger, frustrations and anxiety in life, paired with a fast-paced and rhythmic track to go along with it. The two versions of the song by Alanis Morissette and the Jagged Little Pill are amazing, but depending if you enjoy a more rock or musical style of singing, you might enjoy one more than the other. Considering the current situation and its uncertainties, this song is good if you want to dance around your room to release your stress and worries. 8/10


Bonus personal recommendation:

Rainych – Say So (Japanese cover)

Genre: Pop

Mood booster, chill

Grungy 70s hip hop of the original track infused with the cute vocals of the cover artist – the result, a refreshing rendition that is a must to hear. Even though this cover is not in English, this song manages to keep you addicted to its groovy tunes. Also, this cover is safe to blast out loud so go ahead and enjoy the song with family and friends! 9.5/10 

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