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Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)


Some of us may be feeling down after the JCTs, believing that this is the end all and that our grades would never recover, while the rest of us are feeling under the weather due to the breakdown of our social lives, brought about by the current pandemic. It is totally okay to feel that way and perhaps, you’re wondering what you can do to make yourself feel better. We got you covered! So here is a compilation of our best mood lifters, bound to raise your spirits and bring back your summer mood. 


Please Never Fall in Love Again – Ollie MN

Genre: Alternative, Indie

A dose of em feels, Chill

The song describes a person getting into a relationship and how great love can be. With the soft strumming of the guitar in the song, it gives off a soothing vibe and it is great for study sessions, especially during late nights since the song was first revealed in Ollie MN’s sleepless session 1. 8.5/10


Hard Times – Paramore

Genre: Punk Rock

Mood booster

When listening to this tune, the raw and relatable lyrics might be the first thing that catches you off guard and gets you jamming to their melody. But as you continue to listen, this song might just elicit a few chuckles. From the goofy visuals and sound effects, the band really does a great job of making anyone’s struggles seem smaller and less overwhelming. It truly is a song to listen to when going through any ordeal. 9/10


Will Be Forgetting This – Elijah Naslin ft. Elbot

Genre: Pop

Mood booster

With a catchy beat and striking vocals, this is definitely a song for a mini jam session with friends or family. Playing this song when you just want to let loose will leave you instantly recharged. It has been a rough journey so far but hopefully this song can get you through these rough times so don’t forget to have fun now and then! 8/10


Rather Be – Clean Bandit

Genre: Pop

Mood booster

It is hard to imagine anyone who does not get pumped up whenever this song is played. The song is extremely catchy but its meaningful lyrics about how support from loved ones can get you through anything, are what struck me the most. These dull days might bog you down but never forget that there are people around you who have your back. 8/10


Робот – t.A.T.u. 

Genre: Pop/rock 

Mood booster 

The starting beats of the song include the repetition of the English phrase “I am a robot” over and over again, paving way for the upbeat verses and chorus, which are sure to cheer you up when you are in the lows. Arguably the happiest song in the entire album, Робот poses a stark contrast to the other darker melodies, and is a gem that I wished I could have discovered earlier. 7.5/10


Chocolate – Serebro 

Genre: Bubblegum pop 

Mood booster

A rare English song from the popular Russian girl band, the lyrics of the song are as sweet as the title implies. When enjoyed alongside the attractive music video, this song is bound to cheer you up when you are pulling hairs over your JCT results. 7/10


I’m Still Standing – Elton John

Genre: Pop

Mood Booster

This is one of those old-school songs that pump you up with its upbeat and quick rhythm. This song is fun to jam out to, and the 80’s vibe is nostalgically vibrant that it will be difficult to stop yourself from dancing to the music. We may be feeling stressed out, but it is important to set aside time to enjoy the simplest things in life like music. 8.5/10


I’m Here – Cynthia Erivo

Genre: Theater 

Mood Booster

From the musical “The Colour Purple”, this song is inspiring and powerful in its message. Its lyrics speak volumes about appreciating life, no matter how hard or cruel it may be, and being grateful for all we have and for who we are. Whenever you are feeling like you are not worth it, this song will lift your spirits and your confidence, and remind you that you are beautiful. 9/10


Bonus Recommendation

I See A Rose – Lauren Ong

Genre: Indie, acoustic

Chill, lo-fi

A sweet, lilting melody, sounds of rain, understated yet goosebump-inducing instrumentals, pretty vocals; what more could one ask for in a study song? This song has a misty, hazy mood and induces an instant atmosphere of chill – think pastel colours sonified. It will do wonders for your study ethic, as it’s equally wonderful softly playing in the background. Bonus: this song was composed and produced by a Eunoian – Lauren of 20-U1! 8.5/10

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