¿?sick beats?¿ October 2020 Edition (part 1)

Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)

For many of us, we may be breathing a sigh of relief (or horror) at the results of our promotional examinations. However, it is important to remember that the end may be in sight, but it is not over yet. As we move forward, we have found an apt handful of songs for anyone to listen to whilst revising and studying after examinations. We hope these songs will be able to help you relieve a bit of stress and clear those grey clouds above your head!

  1. Layer Cake – Persona 5


The title may seem sweet, but I can assure you that this is a song that will prime you to tackle some serious business (and by that I mean studying). With the bass setting a mysterious tone and the trumpet that lifts the mood, this jazzy tune is sure to get you ready for studying.

  1. 5am in T O K Y O – Stay See

Jazz & hip hop

For those of you who prefer instrumental music over songs with lyrics, this song is for you. It is hard to focus when there are lyrics in a song, but listening to relaxing instrumental music often lulls me to sleep. Fortunately, this tune is perfect for a study session. Combining the best of both worlds, this song can boost your mood during a study session while not distracting you from work – so, do give it a try!

  1. Don’t Cry – Elvira T 


Elvira’s soothing vocals along with the soft melodious strumming of the guitar will be sure to prime you into your zen zone. A good way to calm yourself down after realising it’s the day before the exams and you haven’t touched an entire chapter yet. 

  1. Sanctuary – Welshy Arms


“A song in a time where everything seems so dark and out of control. Nothing felt safe, nowhere felt like home and there wasn’t a lot of positive news to find hope in.” As frontman Sam Getz translates through emotionally, hoarse vocals, “Sanctuary” encompasses the safe place we all have in our hearts, providing us with a timely reminder that at the end of the day, hope is always there in the people and things you keep close. For those who need a well-deserved motivational booster!

  1. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Pop Rock

It’s my life. And it’s now or never.” For a midnight jam, transform into your alter ego musician and sing the stresses away. Perfect for a late night motivation boost to remind yourself to always push on. You will make it, at the end of the day!

  1. 七時の食事 (Chocolate lemon) – Mitsukiyo (ミツキヨ)

Bossa, BGM

An extremely calming song, with a very dreamy, fluffy feel. One listen and you’re hooked. Play it on repeat in the background, along with Mitsukiyo’s other songs in the same genre, and slowly get lost in your work. Before you know it, hours have passed; yet, the calming touch still lingers. Perfect for productivity as we launch ourselves onward after our exhausting exam season.

  1. Brooklyn in the Summer – Aloe Blacc


The song’s jaunty tune is incredibly infectious. Accompanied by Aloe’s soulful and easygoing vocals, this is just the right song to brighten your spirits!

  1. 我在呢 – TANK 

Mandarin pop

In this wonderful love song, the chorus includes an apt line ‘please don’t cry, everything will be fine’, reminding us that no matter what happens, we can be there for each other, and everything will be fine. 

  1. Good Vibes – HRVY, Matoma 


As its name suggests, the uptempo song will be sure to get you into such a good mood that you will start bopping and singing along. The harmony between HRVY’s and Matoma’s vocals is sure to give anyone Good Vibes!

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