¿?sick beats?¿ October 2020 Edition (part 2)

Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)

Ghost Choir – Louie Zong 


Tired of all the stereotypical skeletons, zombies and vampires of the season? For a change of pace, this tune is an excellent example of a balance between relaxing and ‘creepy supernaturals’. Paired with adorable ghosts trying to sing with their friends, the animation of them trying their hardest to float/dance is really cute, while still keeping the Halloween theme intact. 

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

Alternative rock

“Red Right Hand” is the theme song of the popular British Netflix series, Peaky Blinders, which depicts the story of a gang in 1919 based in Birmingham. With a relatively slow, bassy beat as the backdrop of the song, this song is sure to send a chill down your spine at night. The lyrics and the album cover also fit nicely with the spooky vibes that the song gives off—a must-have for any Halloween song.

Alice of Human Sacrifice – Yugami-P 


A short tune with disturbing lyrics, Alice of Human Sacrifice is sure to haunt you even days after you first play it on Youtube. While the lyrics narrate a harrowing tale of death and violence, the repetitive melody set in a minor key lulls you into a deep sleep filled with horrific nightmares. Listen…if you dare.

The Beauty Underneath – Andrew Lloyd Webber 


A crucial soundtrack of the hit musical Love Never Dies, also known as sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, this song juxtaposes the deep voice of the Phantom and the sweet, high-pitched voice of a child to create a chilling tune befitting the Halloween theme. The strong beats serve to create an imposing atmosphere that the character Phantom himself possesses, further emphasising the dark vibes of this song. 

Milk and Cookies – Melanie Martinez

Alternative/ Indie

The artist references beloved nursery rhymes such as Ring a Ring o’ Roses, One Two Buckle My Shoe and Hush Little Baby. However, one might not want to simply write this off as a mere homage to our childhood favorites. The faint tinkling of a music box can be heard during the chorus, adding a sense of ominosity. The incorporation of elements of popular horror movies, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, taints the image of an innocent tune and does an excellent job in making the song sound sinister. 

The Theatre – Coraline soundtrack


Coraline tells the tale of an adventurous 11 year old who is consumed by unhappiness with the mundanity of life. However, she quickly realizes the value of the old saying “be careful what you wish for”. The haunting, tinkling sounds of bells eventually evolves into an off-kilter riff, which perfectly illustrates the image of Coraline frantically scrambling to escape with her life whilst completing harrowing missions to save her parents. Dim the lights, crank up the song and you can almost hear the Beldam creeping in the shadows listening and preying on our hearts’ deepest desires…

Brick by Boring Brick – Paramore

Pop Punk, alternative rock, emo

Being boring. People who are described as such are often seen in a negative light. People want to appear ‘cool’ and interesting to avoid this label. While that can be considered to be within human nature, what happens if people take it too far?

Brick by Boring Brick tells a story about just that, and shows the danger of living in your own fantasies, and completely neglecting your realities. The music video starts by painting an ideal fantasy world, before slowly evolving into something much more sinister. The lyrics and the video combined show the growth of the girl in the video, and ends with the girl falling into the grave that she has dug for herself.

Listen to the song, read the many fan interpretations out there, and end this Spooktober having learnt an important lesson.

Bonus recommendation: 

Lightning – Little Mix (lennon)


“Lightning” aptly opens with a mysterious blend of sounds in a storm, setting the mood  for the subsequent introductory melody that reminds one of a trip down the haunted lane. The husky vocals in the beginning set a mystifying scene and are followed by powerful emotive vocals, making the listener ponder upon the final destination of the song. A short operatic insert further amplifies the overall mystical aura the song gives off. Perfect for a Halloween night indeed!

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