¿?sick beats?¿ December 2020 Edition

Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)

Merry Christmas! Exchanging presents and making memories with family and friends – what is there not to like about this special time of the year? That’s why we have put together a list of songs for you to enjoy this holiday. Listen to them while sipping some hot (or cold) chocolate with extra marshmallows for extra comfort!

Saikai – Lisa, Uru


This Christmas may feel colder than usual to us as some of us might experience less lively family reunions this year. Lisa’s powerful voice, full of emotion, harmonizes well with Uru’s honey-like, mellow vocals. Together, they deliver a melodically energetic song, expressing a sincere hope to see their loved ones once the cold season passes. Hopefully, their song can comfort you during this holiday too.

A Gift For You – O.B.N.N 


Although this song is not that well known, I absolutely love the harmony between the many artists that collaborated to produce this masterpiece. A Gift For You perfectly portrays Christmas – a joyous occasion, especially when spent with loved ones. This catchy tune is sure to remain in your playlist long after Christmas is over! 

Snowdin Town – Undertale

Indie, OST

This song works perfectly as background music, reminiscent of Undertale’s quaint snowy town (I’ll let you figure out the play on words in the song’s title). Contrary to its name, which invokes cold, this tune’s upbeat instrumentals compose a wonderfully calm melody that warms one’s heart. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey


Do we really need to say more about this Christmas classic? This iconic Christmas song is a must-have at any sort of festive gathering and the memorable riff and upbeat melody will surely cement this song as a timeless piece for many generations to come.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Frank Sinatra with the B.Swanson Quartet 


With Frank Sinatra’s jazzy rendition of this Christmas Song originally written by Sammy Cahn, this soothing melody is a good song to listen to this holiday season, able to transport you back in time to the prime time of jazz music in the 50s.

One I’ve Been Missing – Little Mix 


What’s the meaning of Christmas if not hanging out with those that you treasure the most? Under a slow melancholic beat, One I’ve Been Missing paints a picture of nostalgia and appreciation for, well, the one you’ve been missing. As the song draws to a close, a bittersweet feeling is sure to linger in your hearts.

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande


A modern pop take on a Christmas song! The upbeat melody brings a fresh twist to the usual melancholic Christmas song, with its lyrics still holding a tint of the bittersweet feeling we can all relate to during the festive season.          

Christmas Memories – Loving Caliber, Jaslyn Edgar


This upbeat song paints a warm and sweet image of Christmas, with lyrics that remind us to spend this special occasion with our family, friends and loved ones. With tambourines and chimes in the background, you are sure to feel Christmas vibes! 

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Adam Christopher 


A spin to the classic jazz song by Brenda Lee, this acoustic version brings you back to the 1950s, a perfect fix for a rainy night where all you wish to do is snuggle up under your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. t to do is snuggle up under your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

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