¿?sick beats?¿ January 2021 edition

Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)

2020 has become quite synonymous with the word ‘gloomy’ — no surprise due to all the ups and downs throughout the year. But with the arrival of 2021, we are given a chance to start on a new page. Though we are unsure of what obstacles may be up ahead, the Sick Beats team would like to welcome this new beginning with a fresh list to help you get through anything 2021 may bring!

  1. Nevermind- Lena Katina 


A masterpiece combining meaningful lyrics and catchy beats, this song is sure to keep your hopes high for the new year. The MV is classy and vintage, eschewing inappropriate scenes so often seen in popular songs nowadays. Written by Sergio Galoyan, an award-winning songwriter and producer known for his works with Russian pop band t.A.T.u., listeners will definitely be amazed by the poetic rhymes and sick flow in the song. 

  1. Despre Tine- O-Zone 


Why not start the year with an exciting throwback to the early 2000s? Performed by the exact same Moldovan group that brought to us the worldwide hit Dragonstea Din Tei, the simple lyrics and melody will elicit happy feelings reminiscent of your first love. Last but not least, phrases such as “SMS” will transport you back to a more peaceful and joyous time. 

  1. My New Swag – Vava  


My New Swag is a musical masterpiece that combines Chinese opera, hip-hop, slick beats and swag lyrics to create a song that hypes listeners up. Having holiday blues? Do not fret, for this song will be the cure to it all. In addition, this song serves as a substitute for boring Chinese New Year tunes. If you play this song at a gathering, you will be the coolest grandson/granddaughter of the year. Shh, don’t say you heard it from me though. 



This particular pop song with a zesty tune is sure to get you up and dancing! The upbeat tempo and exciting lyrics are sure to lift your spirits and let you start the new year on a happy note. A fun song to bop to in the comforts of your home, as well as listen to while you make your way to school, give the song a listen and you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Swinging Heart – Akari Kito


Presenting Akari Kito’s first single, “Swinging Heart”! This fast paced and high energy song sure doesn’t disappoint. Every verse starts off light and slow, then dives right to a climax. High emphasis is placed on the heavy guitar melody, as well as the powerful drums. These coupled with Kito’s amazing vocals bring about an experience that will definitely have you wishing the song never ends. As you approach the climax of the song, the guitar’s solo shines above the rest, with an ending full of style. Listen to it now!

  1. Another Day of Sun – La La Land 

Jazz, musical

“Another Day of Sun” is the opening song of the popular musical-film La La Land. Angela Parrish’s soothing voice, coupled with Sam Stone’s blend with a full 95-piece orchestra accompaniment and a 40 man choir to give us this masterpiece. As the song progresses, the pace of the song gradually increases, and one cannot help but start nodding or humming along to its catchy tune. Eventually, as we reach the end of the song, the pace and dynamics reach their climax, before ending with a bang. We love it, and we hope it brightens your day.

  1. Everlasting Summer – Seycara Orchestra


Everlasting Summer tells the story of a girl and her feelings for her boyfriend. While definitely not as fast paced, or energetic as the rest of the songs in this list, just listening to it will definitely lift your spirits as you take in the lyrics while following along the incredible path the melody takes. Hearing the different emotions being conveyed through both Bao’s amazing singing, and the overflowing fullness of the backing track, will take you on a journey like none other. An all-time favourite!

  1. Into Your Time – Choi Sangyeop


With its beautiful melody and gorgeous instrumental, the song perfectly encapsulates the vibrancy that spring brings — fitting as the new year heralds new beginnings for all of us! The accompaniment of the violin as well as the artist’s soothing vocals makes for a great song to listen to and makes for one of my personal favourites.

  1. Would You Be So Kind – dodie


The song in question is a love confession from the artist to her significant other who holds a special place in her heart. The artist sings about her predicament of an unrequited love. With its playful lyrics and jaunty tune, this song will be sure to rejuvenate you to start off a new day on a happy note.

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