¿?sick beats?¿ February 2021 edition

Designed by: Poh En Xi (20-E3)

Filled with chocolates, flowers and gifts, Valentine’s day is perfect to waltz to some melodies! The sick beats team is excited to spend this special occasion with you with some tunes for this month. Our selection of music hopes to reflect various forms of love so do check them out! 

  1. Miss Similar- G.E.M.
  2. Life’s a struggle- Vava
  3. I Believe in you- Michael Buble
  4. EX- Kiana Lede
  5. This is How You Fall in Love- Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
  6. All about you- Taeyeon
  7. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  8. At My Worst- Pink Sweat$
  9. I LOVE…- Official髭男dism

I LOVE…– Official髭男dism


If there is anything I LOVE about this song, it has to be how it features not just romantic love but also the love between friends and family. While the strong vocals remind you of how strong one’s love can be for others, the softer tone the lead singer occasionally takes melts your heart and is reminiscent of how tender this feeling can be. Listening to this song is sure to help you appreciate the complexity of this precious emotion.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri


A classic slow, emotional waltz that makes both your body and soul sway to your heart’s content. Christina’s smooth and soft vocals encompass the pure love that exists between the two lovers described in the song, “I’ll love you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more” aptly capturing the ability of love to transcend time and space

Miss Similar-G.E.M. 


Chinese singer G.E.M. amalgamates motivational lyrics with a catchy melody to form a masterpiece that reminds you to stay true to yourself despite encountering any external forces that may encourage otherwise. It is a good song to listen to whenever you are feeling down. Remember, self-love is important. Love yourself before loving others.

Life’s a Struggle-Vava 


Rapper Vava proudly boasts about how she overcame her childhood nightmares to become the famous star that she is today, all while spitting fire at her haters. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like the light at the end of their tunnel has been obscured by insurmountable troubles. 

I Believe in You – Michael Buble 


This single perfectly encapsulates the many emotions felt by a man in love. Such sincerity and authenticity can be felt by listeners and paired with Buble’s gorgeous vocals, it’s enough to set you in the mood for Valentine’s day. Despite the fact that the song has obvious romantic connotations, the poignant message can be applicable to non-romantic relationships too. Concepts such as believing in each other and spreading love are brought up and makes this song in question a great listen, especially during the month of love!

EX- Kiana Lede 

R&B/ Soul

“EX” talks about Kiana not being able to let go of her ex-boyfriend and wanting to salvage her relationship with him by remaining as friends. A bittersweet song for sure, the heartbreaking vocals of Kiana brings us through this emotional rollercoaster of her describing their past relationship, revealing the heartbreaks that a broken relationship can bring about.

This is How You Fall in Love- Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler 


With a soothing lullaby like melody, the song gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling as it talks about the process of falling in love, from the couple turning off their phones just to be alone to them being best friends until they grow old. The collaboration between Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler works wonders, and in the case of this song, brings a comforting feeling for all.

All About You – Taeyeon


A heart wrenching ballad about the steadfastness of love, this song is sure to pull on your heartstrings once you give it a listen. With lyrics such as “Every time I think of a poem called ‘you’// I want to memorize it so I can remember you” and 

“When the sad night comes, I’ll protect you”, it narrates a passionate love shared between two individuals which will not diminish over time.

At My Worst- Pink Sweat$


“I need somebody who can love me at my worst // No, I’m not perfect, but I hope you see my worth”. This song describes the desires that most search to fulfill in a relationship – to be loved unconditionally, even at their worst. The falsetto that Pink Sweat$ uses in the chorus eases listeners into a dreamy state where they can feel loved, romantically or platonically. If you like this original by Pink Sweat$, you’ll be sure to love his collaborated version with Kehlani!

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