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The popularity of pop songs has blown up over the years to the point where it dominates many of our playlists. Some of us may be tempted to think that songs from the same genre would sound the same — however, that is not entirely true! They might sound similar, but pop songs from different countries have been shaped by different local cultures, transforming into very contrasting melodies when compared with each other. This has brought the global music industry to life, and this list is a perfect example of such a phenomenon.

If you like pop songs, then don’t miss out on all these amazing recommendations!

Racing Into The Night – YOASOBI 

Japanese Pop

Indie artists are not new in Japan’s music industry, however, they have been bursting with popularity in recent times – YOASOBI (a team composed of Ayase and Ikuda) is no exception. The dynamic instrumentals crafted by Ayase complements Ikuda’s clear and sweet voice, masking the tragic underlying tale hidden within the song so brilliantly while still showcasing her surprisingly strong vocals. With more indie Japanese artists being recognised alongside mainstream artists, the pool of J-Pop songs has been diversified unlike ever before. Fans of ‘Racing Into The Night’ are highly recommended to support other indie artists like Eve, Sou, Yorushika, and TUYU (just to name a few)!

Reggaeton Lento – CNCO

Latin Pop/Reggaeton

This song by Latin Boy Band CNCO proved how Spanish songs in the recent decades have been slowly gaining popularity in the world. Owing to its danceable beat and catchy melody, the song garnered massive popularity in the Latin world, with its popularity garnering an English remix with British girl band Little Mix that performed well on the UK charts as well. If you would like a similar feel to Despacito but a changeup in the melody, be sure to tune in!

Sweet Crazy Love – LOOΠΔ (ODD EYE CIRCLE)


Debuting in late 2016, LOOΠΔ has been amongst the more popular of the K-Pop groups for a very long time. ‘Sweet Crazy Love’ revolves around a girl’s crush, her feelings, and seduction. Their voices flow smoothly and sweetly, accompanied by the fast paced beat of the drums, and a strong bass line. While it isn’t LOOΠΔ’s most popular song, that doesn’t mean it’s any worse than their most! Give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Sunrise – GFRIEND


GFRIEND has been an old player in the K-Pop scene, having debuted in early 2015, and is definitely one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups out there. ‘Sunrise’ starts off slightly tense, and suspenseful, with a slow melody and staccato beats. A violin plays a sorrowful tune. Slowly but surely, the song builds up, the final piece of a puzzle is put in, and the beat quickens. The high and powerful vocals used at the end are majestic, a complete change from that at the song’s beginning, and are complemented by the beautiful sunrise that shines through a window at the end of the song. It’s definitely up there as one of our favourites.

If You’re Over Me – Years & Years


Sung by the British synth-pop trio, ‘If You’re Over Me’ is an incredibly bright and bubbly track in which the band’s vocalist sings about his relationship with his old flame. The song is set in a major key and keeps an upbeat tempo. It also features the lead vocalist’s crystal-clear and stunning vocal tone. With excellent production work and fantastic vocals, the song in question is perfect to listen to in the summer. 

АтоМы – Olga Buzova 

Do you believe that love is a rare occurrence; a miracle that can only be explained with the most profound of scientific terms? Well, then, you ought to groove along with the slick beats of this song while you ponder over the intricacies of your most recent relationship. The phenomenal lyrics are sure to blow your mind as you finally understand the pun in the title – a play on the Russian word “atoms” to become “we atom”. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Lacrima – Ioana Ignat 


A sad, sad melody with equally sob-worthy lyrics, cry your heart out to this song whenever and wherever. Romanian singer Ioana Ignat’s unique voice brings out the poignance in the word “Lacrima”, which means “Tear”, while the soft strumming of the guitar coupled with the smooth voice of a violin immerses you completely in the desolate mood. So do keep a packet of tissues ready, this one’s a tear-jerker. 

浪子回头 – 茄子蛋 

Hokkien Pop

A mellow start, a riff on the electric guitar and a gradual build-up to the climax — this song mirrors one’s life story unfolding – the image of a lighted cigarette consuming itself is depicted in the opening lines, alluding to the sorrow and longing from a lifetime of regret, as the persona remembers. It also represents maturity with age, and the bitter reality of life — something we have no second chance at. 

Better With You – Gentle Bones ft. Benjamin Kheng


Many believe Singapore’s music scene to be barren, which is why ‘Better With You’ might genuinely surprise some of you. Despite the quirky Star Trek references in its music video, the lyrics were meticulously crafted to embrace one through unspoken, difficult times. Accompanied by mellow vocals, this song is sure to leave one feeling raw yet reassured and emboldened to get through another day.

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