Journey to the West: Food Hunting in Singapore’s West

Written by: Soh Iwin (20-E5)

Designed by: Kothandam Anusha (20-I1)

During the December break, I decided to explore some shopping malls in the west area of Singapore in hopes of finding some good food to satisfy my voracious appetite. Being an adventurous person, I decided to try out some restaurants that I hadve never tried before. To my surprise, most of them sold really delectable dishes, so if you’re looking for new food to try in another part of Singapore during the weekends or holidays, here are some recommendations! 


If your pocket is feeling a little tight and you are craving a Japanese twist to Italian food, Pittarino is a good place to try. It sells a multitude of Italian dishes at a wallet-friendly price, such as pasta and pizza. An interesting aspect of the restaurant’s menu is that it sells unique pizza flavours, such as Teriyaki Chicken Pizza, which I tried during my trip. Priced at $7.90, it is 8 inches large with drizzles of mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. The pizza is topped with chunks of juicy teriyaki chicken and flakes of seaweed. 

Sounds good? It tastes good too! When I first bit into the pizza, I could taste a good mix of both the teriyaki and mayonnaise sauce, an ideal combination that leaves you craving for more pizza. It was an amazing fusion of sweetness and saltiness at the same time. While the edges of the crust were slightly charred, the unique taste of the pizza was enough to delight my tastebuds. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a place that sells affordable seafood pasta, Pittarino is worthy of your consideration as well. This is because their lobster and grilled salmon (200g of salmon) pasta are both priced at $14.90. Although I did not try these two dishes, they looked scrumptious and many customers around me ordered it. This is a good sign, right? 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Jurong Point Shopping Mall, #B1-55 

Chir Chir 

Moving on to a slightly more expensive restaurant, Chir Chir is a modern Korean restaurant. It sells food such as macaroni and cheese, special fried chicken platters, and drinks from The Alley, a drink chain that specialises on milk tea. 

When I first stepped into Chir Chir, I rather enjoyed its ambience. The restaurant was crisp and clean with cute wall designs of chickens. Should you get a seat near the window, you can also immerse yourself in thea picturesque scenery of the nearby shopping malls and their mini rooftop gardens while waiting for your food to arrive. 

As a connoisseur of macaroni and cheese, I decided to try out Chir Chir’s Korean macaroni and cheese. It was priced at $9.90 for a single portion, and was really scrumptious. This is because the cheese was not salty and did not taste like the nacho cheese sauce from EJC’s cafe that was not worth the price (in my opinion). Instead, it was slightly creamy – the kind which will ooze in your mouth to bring you a delightful surprise. A large amount of cheese was added in the dish, and this makes the dish even more appealing to cheese fans. However, if you are a health nut, you may want to consider removing some cheese from the dish, as I tried to do so and the dish still tasted really good! Overall, the macaroni and cheese made my day! 

I also tried Chir Chir’s Brown Sugar Cocoa Milk with a 25% sugar level (one can choose the sugar level of the drink), and it cost around $5.60. Originally from The Alley, the brown sugar in the drink thoroughly complemented the dark chocolate cocoa milk. Although it was my first time drinking brown sugar-flavoured drinks, I actually liked it! However, if you are not a fan of dark chocolate, you may want to choose a higher sugar level, as the drink was slightly bitter at a sugar level of 25%. Admittedly, this was not the best tasting chocolate milk that I had tried before, as the milk was not thick enough. 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 

Chir Chir received a rating of 4.5 because the macaroni and cheese greatly exceeded my expectations, as the cheese tasted better than the cheese we usually find in baked cheese rice and western macaroni and cheese. A note of caution though, is that the food portions at Chir Chir are quite big and filling (especially the fried chicken as observed from the other customers around me); thus, do consider if you are able to finish the food before ordering extra food! 

Location: JEM Shopping Mall, #04-13/14

Madly Good 

If you are looking for a dessert store that sells Instagram-worthy desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth, Madly Good is a great choice. From milkshakes to waffles and brownies, Madly Good sells a multitude of desserts of different flavours. It also has a quiet and conducive environment that is ideal for conversations between friends. 

After looking through the menu, I decided to try out Madly Good’s “What the Fudge Brownie”, and a scoop of “Fudgy Pudgy” ice cream, which cost $9.50 in total. Not only did the brownie have an aesthetically pleasing presentation, it also tasted nice. The brownie was chewy and sweet, with a texture that was not too hard and not too soft. In order to fully enjoy the brownie, I ate it together with the ice cream, and tasted a fusion of something hot and something cold at the same time. This made the brownie taste even better! 

The “Fudgy Pudgy” ice cream was also appetizing. As a vanilla-based ice cream with bits of brownies within, this sweet treat pampered my taste buds as I could taste both the vanilla base and the brownie bits at the same time.  

Other than the brownie and ice cream, I also tried the store’s vanilla milkshake. Sadly, the milkshake fell short of my expectations as it tasted like plain milk that’s comparable to HL Milk. The milkshake was priced exorbitantly at $9.50, and its bland taste and simple presentation was simply not worth the price. 

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 

Location: JCube Shopping Mall, #03-12

In a nutshell, the west part of Singapore offers numerous finger-licking restaurants which are worth a try! I hope that this review provides some suggestions on what you can eat when you visit the west! 

Disclaimer: This article is wholly based on the views of the author, and may differ across different people. The views are not representative of that of the College, nor The Origin. The author also paid for all of the dishes reviewed out of her own accord, and for the purpose of writing this article.

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