2021 A Level Result Release (Part 1)

Written by: Lim Junheng, Jovan (20-O5), Ng Teck Zhong (20-E5), Soh Iwin (20-E5), and Zenov Liu Fan (20-U1)

Designed by: Leow Jia Wen Jolene (20-E1)


Not too long ago, the batch of 2020 gathered back together to collect their A-level results, concluding the last chapter of their JC journey. Yet, before the momentous release of results, there was no doubt that it would be a day filled with both hope and apprehension, as the former JC2s held their optimism for the results that they so desired. In fact, regardless of how prepared the students had been during the examinations, an air of tension still undeniably resided in the classrooms and in the minds of all. After all, their steadfast efforts in these two years had finally culminated in that one defining moment.

More significantly, in the midst of all the individual reactions, what truly displayed the pride of our college were the outstanding results that these students had obtained. Putting aside the personal expectations that these students had upheld for themselves, what remained a more remarkable feat was the wholehearted effort and endeavour to achieve what they could to the best of their ability. Be it for those who had narrowly met their expectations, or for those who might have been disheartened by their results, what should be recognised instead is their unending capacity and drive to do better in the future.

The Atmosphere

As many would have expected, the atmosphere was rather tense as many of the J3s were on tenterhooks regarding their results. Almost immediately, the sheer amount of pressure that the seniors were under could be felt throughout the classrooms. However, as soon as the school leaders announced the stellar results and the great improvement from the previous batch, they immediately rejoiced, with thunderous applause reverberating throughout the room as many screamed in joy. The joyous applause and sense of pride that these seniors felt have truly demonstrated the glory of the school. 

Reactions and Actions (as Observers)

 Besides seeing seniors who were overjoyed with their results, there were also some seniors who were not very satisfied with the results. In a way, it was eye-opening and motivating. It is certainly true that the A-Level Examinations are not easy, with a journey filled with  unpredictable issues that are bound to crop up. Everyone will make mistakes, especially during the course of the examination. Nonetheless, our Seniors have shown us that no matter what, it is still possible to achieve what we want. As such, we (the authors) would like to encourage everyone to work towards their goals as well!

Most importantly, they have understood the importance of friends. Majority of the seniors cited teachers, friends, and family as their key support tenets. When some seniors achieved their academic goals, their friends were there congratulating them; when some seniors fell short of their goals, their friends were there comforting them. We hope that everyone can find their own support systems, so that everyone can be assured that they are not in this grueling journey alone.

How We Feel


Seeing our seniors come back together on that special day, I truly felt delighted for them, for it was finally the day for them to see the fruits of their labour. I could see the joy in their eyes, knowing that the hardship and effort that every single one of them had put in would finally be presented before them. In fact, I was so immersed in the experience, that as every student got up to receive their results, my heart paced with them. And as our seniors cheered, I cheered alongside them. At that point in time, it got me thinking about my very own JC journey — about how I should aspire to continue working hard and reach my expectations, so that my eventual journey would be a fruitful one, just like the ones our seniors had endured.

Yet, putting aside all the momentary joy and cheer, it made me reminiscent of the past one and a half years I had spent in EJC so far. Besides the grades and the curriculum, I felt immensely grateful and appreciative for the friends that I had made; how we would all undergo the same process just as our seniors did, and how we had been guiding and encouraging each other through every step of the gruelling journey. Essentially, when all is said and done, my A-level grades would not be my defining moment in this college, but rather all the friendships I had formed, and every person whom I cherish so much.

Teck Zhong

Being able to join my seniors physically during their collection of their A level results has certainly been an eye opener for me. I could personally witness the apprehension of my seniors as they awaited the release of their results, as well as the immediate reactions after that. There are some who were extremely overjoyed to have made it to the Dean’s List or achieved their goals. There were, however, some who were disappointed in their results. Watching this, it got me to ponder: which reaction would I want to have next year when it is my turn to collect my results? And then, how can I work towards what I want?

While the atmosphere did feel less subdued because of restrictions in a pandemic, it was still an important milestone for everyone involved. Regardless of the results that were obtained, it can be clearly seen that our seniors have journeyed through this journey together, supporting each other along the way, which is certainly not easy. I hope that as a batch, we can continue to support each other as we journey together towards the A levels, so that all of us can achieve our goals ultimately.


“I3, you will now be receiving your result slips along with your school graduation certificate from me…” — I can still recall that moment vividly, where the tension in the room felt palpable. There was a certain nervousness in their steps as they walked up to their teacher to collect what they had been anticipating since the end of their A-levels. I too gripped my hands together and prayed for them because all I had in my mind then was hope — that they would be satisfied with what they see and know that their immense hard work over the months leading up to their examinations had paid off. I could not help but see myself in the same position next year, where I too would feel overpowered by the trepidation knowing that the fate of my immediate future lay on those numbers. 

A few cheered as tears of joy rolled down their cheeks. Some had a smile creeping across their faces. Others fought their hardest to suppress the tears and disappointment that seemed to have overwhelmed them. For those that were elated, I cheered them as if I were part of the class. My heart pinched for those who felt unsatisfied with their results, because it felt as if I was watching a familiar scene unfold. What struck me the most at that moment was how readily some of them approached their classmates who were upset, to offer their hugs and comfort. The warmth I felt reminded me of how friends stick by our sides even at our worst, and are willing to offer a listening ear no matter the circumstance. That moment made me realise how results, as defining as they are, cannot take the place of the experience and friendships that we have built in EJ, and that we should support our peers along our A-level journey — whether it is extending a helping hand, or doing something pleasant for them when they feel upset. 

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