AAA #29

Designed by: Leow Jia Wen, Jolene (20-E1)

How do I tell when I am feeling burnt out?

Hello! First of all, I understand that at times, having the constant motivation and energy to study is seemingly impossible and that you would sometimes feel completely overwhelmed. This is completely normal and it’s okay to show what you’re feeling! When this happens, it is a good time to take a breather and rest, both physically and mentally. Some signs of overwork and burnout can be: 

  1. The need to find some form of escapism, be it through procrastinating or emotionally distancing yourself from the people at school. 
  2. Feeling more sensitive and cynical, with no motivation or drive to keep working. This is most likely as a result of the constant stress that you are feeling and this should ring alarm bells for you to drop everything and take a break! 
  3. Feeling emotionally and mentally drained, which affects your ability to concentrate and focus on your work. If you are showing signs of fatigue and lack of motivation to do anything, it is an obvious sign that your body does not have the mental and physical capacity to be hard at work.

You should, therefore, try to relax and catch your breath by doing something that you enjoy for a day or two. For example, catching up on a hobby or spending time with your loved ones. You can also go easy on yourself and talk to your trusted friends and family members about what you are going through. It will always be easier when you know that you are not alone! Personally, I love to spend a cozy day at home, watching my favourite Netflix show and eating all my comfort foods. If you really need a good break, you should utilise the mental wellness leave that was implemented recently. It is an initiative by the school to acknowledge the fact that school life can sometimes just be too much. Thus, this will allow you to take some time off, knowing that both your classmates and the school will be supporting you when you get back! This will be a great way for you to recharge and indulge in some self-care activities. I know this might sound easier said than done, but to bounce back and feel refreshed again, you need to take some time off and stop worrying about school work. Rather than being in constant panic , it would be better if you can take a couple of days off from studying and come back to it with a hundred percent of your attention. 

When you get back to it, you should try taking intermittent breaks when studying so you have the motivation to keep going! Maybe you can make use of a reward system whereby if you finish revising a particularly tedious chapter, you can watch an episode of your favourite show. Little things like this will allow your mind to take a break once in a while and avoid overworking yourself again. 

You can also try to amend your study habits to suit your energy level! This will hopefully improve your emotional well-being and give you that drive to do your best again. Thank you for the question and all the best. I hope my answer has given you some helpful tips! 

How to I deal with my not-so-good MCT results?

Hi there! I understand that it may feel very discouraging if you received your mct results and they weren’t exactly up to your expectations. However, I want to assure you that this is definitely not the end of the world! It can seem frightening because A Levels are about half a year away, but I can assure you that the MCTs are but a small stepping stone in your journey to A Levels. It’s important to keep in mind that there are still many more milestones you have yet to arrive at before your A Levels. These all serve to pace yourself and also allow you to see what needs improving. 

Rather than seeing your MCT results as a mark of failure, try looking at it instead as an Areas For Improvement checklist! With MCTs now over, it is important not to mull over your results and instead focus on learning from the mistakes you may have made during the MCTs. Whether these mistakes are content mistakes, or simply mistakes made during your preparation for MCTs, it is crucial that you pick them out and learn from them now. 

For content mistakes, be sure to clear up these misunderstandings with your teachers through consultations or even just asking them during spare time before and after lessons! As for mistakes you might have made in the process of studying, these may be harder to find. You may want to start by recounting what steps exactly you took when preparing for your MCTs. From there, you can then evaluate each step and ask yourself if it helped you or was simply wasting your time. This will allow you to plan ahead for your next round of tests, and eventually A Levels! 

Lastly, I want to remind you that good grades are not the be all and end all, even if they can seem like the ultimate goal right now. There are many other things in your life that you focus on, so don’t let your grades get you down. Especially with a paper like the MCTs, it really will not matter at the end of this term. What matters most is how you respond to your grades, and what you do from here on out. Don’t despair, and keep working at it! Good grades can’t magically appear overnight, and are instead a constant work in progress that you have to keep at. Keep working hard for your A Levels and good luck for them!

How do I stop worrying about Promos?

Hello there! I understand that the idea of promos can be very scary and daunting, especially as it determines if you can get to J2. However, I’m here to help you calm your nerves and teach you how to not worry so much about it! 

Firstly, it is important to remember that promos are just like all the exams you’ve taken before, a checkpoint to see how you’re doing for the year’s syllabus. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and if it helps, keep in mind that the promotional criteria is quite lenient especially if you keep up with your work regularly. Promos are at the end of the year, which means you have quite a bit of time to prepare for the exam. As long as you keep a goal in mind and work slowly towards it, you should be prepared by the time promos are here.

Secondly, if you’re feeling stressed, it is always a good idea to reach out to your friends and talk to them about it, especially since you are all in the same boat together. Starting a study group together to push each other to study hard for the exams is a good coping mechanism as well, and it will definitely make you feel less alone and hopeless. EJC has a very good school support system, and I would encourage you to book consultations with your teachers if you feel like you’re behind on work! I’m sure they would gladly guide and help you with your school troubles so don’t suffer in silence! 

Lastly, you should plan out your studies on the weeks leading up to the exams instead of starting at the last minute with too much to do. Having a clear schedule will make it easier for you to work to your goal as well, instead of making it feel like there is a lot to do and hence worsening your stress. As long as you try your best to keep yourself in check and not burn out too fast, you should be good to go! All the best for your promos and remember to take regular breaks too! Don’t overwork yourself! 

What food do you recommend in the canteen?

Hello there! As Singaporeans, food is the heart of our nation; and EJ is a mini food paradise. But even with a variety of food spanning 7 stalls in our canteen, it’s very normal that out of convenience, we tend to stick to the same choices on a daily basis. So I definitely understand your concerns on wanting to have more options.

But fret not! If you’re a food lover like me, this EJ canteen food guide will serve you well. Even if you’re not, join me as I seek out the best food in our canteen.

Snaking long queues are a familiar sight to any Eunoian visiting the canteen at lunch hour. Two stalls stand out the most – the chicken and duck rice stall. But why? After gathering feedback from my circle of friends and from my own experience, I’ve discovered why it’s so popular. The stall vendors, or as we call them ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’, are friendly, approachable and provide great service, a plus point to the delicious food. Many of us, and I’m sure you too, first tried the duck rice during orientation, and were taken aback by how mouth-watering the dish was. I remember seeing empty styrofoam boxes stacked one upon another, leaving absolutely no wastage at all. After orientation, I’ve visited the stall multiple times, and I must say that I’m not disappointed. It is without a doubt one of the best foods in our canteen! 

However, if you’re looking for a stall with shorter queues, do check out the Korean and Japanese stall. There, you will find a range of options, like the classic udon or kimchi bulgogi rice, and even specialty add-ons like chawanmushi and edamame. In comparison to dining facilities outside of the campus, these dishes are priced quite affordably. If you haven’t already tried ordering from the friendly auntie, do give it a try as you won’t regret it!

If you’re a vegetarian, it is no secret that EJ does not offer as many vegetarian choices, and you’re often limited to one or two stalls. But fret not! I haven’t left you out, and I’ve done my research to cater to your needs. Other than the snacks and beverages mentioned below, why not try out the yong tau foo stall? I love the freedom of being able to pick whatever suits my taste buds best, meat or not. Depending on your personal preference, you can also couple your favourite ingredients with a bowl of hot macaroni soup, perfect for soup lovers like me! And if you’re up for a challenge, you have to try the signature ‘mala’, which is supposedly appetizing (and not overly spicy), at least according to my friends. If all else fails, sticking to the malay rice stall isn’t a bad idea either. They offer large portions for affordable prices, and more recently, they’ve been cooking up Western-style dishes like waffle fries and mac-and-cheese! I hope these recommendations will help you discover more vegetarian options in EJ. 

Grabbing a quick bite? The EJ canteen offers a wide variety of refreshments, which are not only affordable (usually less than $2) but also filling. From waffles coated with thick layers of chocolate filling to hot steamy paos, we are often spoilt for choice. These grab-and-go snacks will make your taste buds dance, and it’s the one thing you can look forward to after strenuous PE lessons. For times when you simply cannot endure the sweltering heat, enjoy a cool pink iced lemonade at the drinks stall! Not only is its overall appearance appealing, its refreshing taste will surely draw you back for more. Well, what about days when the harsh rain comes peltering down mercilessly, leaving you shivering in need of a warm beverage? During those days, the humble Singaporean favourite, kopi-O (or teh-O) is my go-to favourite, and hopefully it’ll be yours too!

The canteen food is an integral part of any campus; and EJ is no exception. Food serves to comfort and encourage us in these times, as we work towards excelling in our exams.  I hope these food recommendations have been helpful to you, and have fun trying them out with your friends! Remember to keep an open mind and explore new options as often as you like!

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