Editor’s letter – February

Hi all!

I must admit. Time really does fly. It’s been a year since the batch of 2017 took our first few steps into EJC as excited, scared individuals, as if we were entering a new world with totally different rules and living beings. (Okay that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point) Things are different in JC. The different school setting, people, subjects is enough to make even the most confident individual slightly shaky at the knees. But do not fear. The Origin* is here to give you tips on how to overcome the initial awkward phase.

This month’s newsletter features CCA interview articles “CCA in the Spotlight” as well as Vlogs detailing how to survive JC life!

A huge thank you to the individuals following CCAs – Service Learning, Volleyball, Chinese Orchestra, Debate and Band for agreeing to be interviewed for the articles. Also, a thank you to all individuals who took the time to Vlog about JC life as well as those who interviewed the CCAs. (All names will be mentioned in the blog posts)

To capture the complexity of surviving JC life in short, here’s a picture which was shown to the J1 2017 cohort during one of the Deep Dive Days.


Grace Marie Yeh

Editor-in-Chief (2017-2018)