Editor’s Letter 2017

Embracing New Beginnings

I first chanced upon the idea of starting up a student newsletter about 2 years ago when I started really getting into reading books – In particular, the timeless Harry Potter series. I know, I started late. While most of my peers were already moving on to other dystopian novels, I would stay in the school library till CCA started, immersing myself in the wizarding world.

Well, aside from the usual turning into another potter maniac, (Using pens and chopsticks as wands, casually muttering expelliarmus under my breath), I recall being particularly enthralled by a particular chapter of book number 5 – The Order of the Phoenix. WARNING SPOILERS IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH

I’m assuming only Potterheads will understand this. Do you remember the chapter where Harry Potter agreed to give a detailed account of the rebirth of Lord Voldemort to The Quibbler? The interview article became so popular that the repugnant evil headmistress Dolores Umbridge decided to instate a ban on it. The action of banning it only made the article even more popular. Students would secretly read it behind their textbooks. The interview article went on to become one of the best selling individual issues ever.

What you have just witnessed, is the power of the press – To provide a communicating channel to the masses, to hear the unheard, to influence for the better.

The newsletter team commences the release of Eunoia Junior College’s first ever online newsletter – The Origin* , with the topic of “Beginnings”. We are proud to feature an interview by the college leadership team who are without doubt, crucial in the helming of EJC. We have also lined up a series of articles by our fellow peers – Claire, Soh Wen Shuen and others (The others wrote under anonymous pseudonyms, have fun guessing who!) Other than articles, The Origin* will also feature food, song, movie, book, concert reviews, funny jokes, and special editorials pertaining to student life.

Although The Origin* is just at the start of what we foresee as an exciting journey into the unknown, we look forward to seeing everyone benefit from the power of words .

As JK Rowling once said “Words are in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible form of magic”

Grace Marie Yeh

Editor-in-Chief (2017-2018)